R&B Artist China Shadae Releases Her Latest Song and Music Video


( ENSPIRE Music ) China Shadae Drops New Single “Self Sabotage” With Powerful Music and Meaning

ENSPIRE Contributor: Cailin Tennis

Artist China Shadae releases her latest R&B single “Self-Sabotage” after a series of singles. Not only that, but it also accompanies her brand new music video for the song. These provide challenging themes for audiences, including healing, trust issues, and toxic relationships. Above all, China’s honest and soulful artistry is not to be overlooked.

ENSPIRE strives to highlight the artists that are using their creativity for positive purposes. Ascending artist China Shadae is doing exactly that by providing lyrics and visuals that audiences can deeply relate to. Her new single talks about her own self-interference that causes destruction in the relationship. In addition, China uses visuals to convey her trust issues getting the best of her, ultimately sabotaging the situation.

China opens up the heartfelt track by confessing feelings of remorse over a smooth and slow-tempo production. This track delivers a classic R&B sound highlighted by excellent songwriting. It’s as if China sings about her struggles with trust issues and self-sabotage in an ironically ideal relationship. Without a doubt, it’s an emotional record and one reminding us that healing is a nonlinear process. Even when we are self-aware of our own toxic traits, being able to stop them from affecting our relationships is easier said than done.

China channels her reflections into her music after self-sabotaging her most recent relationship. She pens her feelings bluntly, self-aware of her own trust issues. Her takeaway from this journey is to be honest with herself and get her act right before blocking a potential blessing. China delivers a story that exemplifies that fact both lyrically and visually with a surprising twist ending. 

Meanwhile, in the video, the viewer gets to see firsthand just how painful tough decisions can be. The video starts with China texting her man about dinner plans, only to be told that he won’t be able to make it much to her disappointment. Alone in her high-rise apartment, China pours herself a glass of wine and begins to wonder about the status of her relationship. She calls a friend to vent about the situation, but as the story unfolds, we see China’s skepticism get the best of her as her intuition leads to a shocking discovery. 

In sum, it’s an engaging and enthralling video that perfectly encapsulates the song and meaning of “Self-Sabotag​​e.” To the same extent, her song’s meaningfully crafted lyrics leave audiences with strong takeaways and relatable content. China’s naturally creative instincts shine bright throughout this perfectly performed song and video. Follow China Shadae on her social media accounts to hear more of her powerful music.

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