5 Latina-Owned Beauty Brands to Shop this Hispanic Heritage Month


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) These Latina Entrepreneurs are Changing the Beauty Game

ENSPIRE Contributor: Kaitlyn Cruz

We observed Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 to October 15, as a month-long celebration of Hispanic/Latinx culture and contributions. Latin Americans have made huge contributions to the U.S. and are a part of the very foundation and history of this country. From cuisine, music, fashion, art, to state names and other American traditions, Latinx/Hispanic culture is everywhere. The beauty industry is one in which Latinas have largely contributed to.

As per Nielsen data, Latina buyers represent 18.5% of the U.S. beauty industry’s revenue. However, Latinas have largely been misrepresented in this industry. This is changing, as Latina entrepreneurs are making huge strides in the industry- paving their own pathways and being successful while doing so. From haircare to skincare, to makeup, below is a list of Latina-owned beauty brands to support this month and beyond.

1. Bomba Curls

Starting off with haircare, Afro-Dominican Lulu Cordero founded Bomba curls. Their products contain “premium and organic super-ingredients” to nourish your natural hair. Catering to kinky, curly, coily, and wavy hair, Bomba Curls has a selection of satin scrunchies, hair masks, and oils to keep your hair healthy this season. The message behind Bomba curls, involves celebrating your natural beauty. “‘Be Bold, Be Free, Be Bomba’ is a declaration that you are beautifully made! I grew up in a world where the wild curls that naturally grew from my head had a stigma attached to them. Natural hair was never celebrated nor did the mainstream media depict our Afro-curls or skin as beautiful…Bomba Curls is my love letter to women and girls everywhere who have ever been made to feel that their natural coils and kinks are somehow anything less than beautiful”, says founder Cordero.

2. Skinergy Beauty

Founder and New York native, Priscilla Jiminian, created Skinergy Beauty out of a passion for inclusivity in the skincare realm. Being from the Dominican Republic, Priscilla noticed a lack of skincare products for darker skin tones in U.S. markets that did not contain harmful chemicals. Many people of Black and Brown communities struggle with hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Skinergy intends to be “the go-to solution for hyperpigmentation, a skin concern that plagues Black and Brown communities“. Skinergy’s products nourish the skin naturally without these harsh chemicals. Their products include serums, cleansers, moisturizers, and their best-selling, award-winning Dark Spot Correcting Cream.

3. Ceremonia Haircare

Latina Beauty Brand

Ceremonia is a clean-hair care brand rooted in Latinx culture, founded by Babba Rivera. Ceremonia’s products are formulated without harsh chemicals and contain natural ingredients sourced from Latin America. Growing up in Sweden, and her parents from Chile, Babba saw limited Latino/a representation around her and in the business world. She launched Ceremonia in October 2020, and it became the first Latinx-owned hair care brand offered at Sephora. Babba states, “I wanted to create a brand that could fill the void in the market for authentic representation of the multidimensional demographic that is Latinx, while celebrating the richness of the Latin culture”. At Ceremonia, you can find an array of hair masks, scalp oils, conditioners, and more with nourishing ingredients that bring health and shine to your hair, helping you look and feel your best.

4. Elaluz by Camila Coelho

Brazilian founder and entrepreneur, Camila Coelho, founded Elaluz, the clean beauty brand, in 2020. Formulated with Brazilian superfood ingredients, Elaluz nourishes and gives your skin a natural glow, without the use of harmful chemicals. From radiant bronzers, makeup palettes, lip and cheek stains, beauty oils, and their hydrating lip mask and glosses, Elaluz, like its name, illuminates your skin, giving you a luxurious experience.

“Our products are designed to enhance your features rather than cover them. They’re simple to use, practical enough for everyday use and made to work beautifully” says founder Camila.

Camila’s passion for beauty and nature is evident in her dedication to using naturally sourced ingredients. Additionally, in partnership with One Tree Planted, a percent of every purchase is donated to planting trees in various countries. It’s no doubt that Camila’s efforts are making a difference in the beauty community and beyond.

5. Rizos Curls

Last but not least, this list would not be complete without including the iconic curly-hair brand, Rizos Curls. Launched in 2017, Julissa Prado desired to have her own brand at a young age. Using clean and natural ingredients, this haircare brand is nourishes and strengthens wavy, curly, and coily hair. Products include their cult-favorite curl-defining cream, hydrating shampoo, and conditioner, detangle spray, and gel. Rizos Curls has become one of the first Afro-Mexican created and owned curly-care lines, to see huge success in the mainstream media, according to HipLatina.

“To me, Rizos Curls is about more than just hair products…it’s about inclusivity, showing that you can take a Latina-owned brand to the mainstream”, Julissa told Oprah Daily. Shop Rizos Curls at Rizos.com for products that will nourish and moisturize your hair during this Fall/Winter season and the months hereafter.

These Latina business owners are largely impacting the beauty industry and the world. Their efforts are paving the way for future generations and creators to be successful. Their passion, drive, and overall success can be learned from. They show that you can show up authentically as yourself, and celebrate the things that make you different or unique and be successful. You don’t need to wait for someone else to do something, but if you have a dream or vision, you can go for it wholeheartedly, and pave the way for change.

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