Disney’s Magical Double Delight: ‘Frozen 3’ and Hints of ‘Frozen 4’ Unveiled


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Bob Iger Announces Frozen Franchise Expansion and Magical World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland

Yesterday morning brought a wave of excitement to Disney enthusiasts worldwide as Disney CEO Bob Iger officially confirmed the production of not just one, but two highly anticipated additions to the beloved ‘Frozen‘ franchise. In a surprise announcement made from the enchanting setting of Hong Kong Disneyland, Iger revealed that the highly anticipated ‘Frozen 3’ is officially in the works, with the unexpected revelation that ‘Frozen 4’ is also on the horizon.

Speaking with infectious enthusiasm on ‘Good Morning America,’ Iger shared, “Well, I’ll give you a little surprise there Michael. ‘Frozen 3’ is in the works and there might be a ‘Frozen 4’ in the works, too.” While remaining tight-lipped about the specifics of the films, Iger expressed his confidence in the vision of Jennifer Lee, the creative force behind the original ‘Frozen’ and its sequel, who is diligently crafting not one but two captivating stories.

The announcement coincided with the grand opening ceremony of Disneyland’s latest attraction, the ‘World of Frozen’ in Hong Kong. Iger, highlighting Disney’s commitment to creating immersive worlds, stated, “For years at our Disney Parks, we’ve been creating these large immersive worlds. Essentially, they are the physical embodiment of some of the greatest stories that we’ve told…And of course, ‘Frozen’ being one of our most valuable franchises, as you mentioned, a very successful film, I think it’s just right for building the place that ‘Frozen’ takes place in.”

Iger went on to emphasize the unique experience that ‘World of Frozen’ offers to visitors. “I think the best thing is you visit and you actually can meet Olaf and Anna and Elsa and all the gang from ‘Frozen.’ Of course, there’s great attractions, but there’s also great restaurants. I think the thing that’s great about it is you actually feel like you’re in the place that the movie took place in. And it just gives you this powerful sense of story that I think people have grown to love over the last decade.”

As the frosty adventures of Elsa, Anna, and Olaf continue to captivate audiences, the announcement of ‘Frozen 3’ and the tantalizing hint of ‘Frozen 4’ promise a magical future for Disney enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more updates as the Frozen franchise continues to weave its enchanting spell on fans around the globe.

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