New Nigerian Action Thriller Makes Netflix History and Paves the Way for African Cinema


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) The Black Book Film has Made Netflix’s Top 10 List, Paving the Way for African Cinema

ENSPIRE Contributor: Kaitlyn Cruz

If you’re seeking thrill and want to be kept on your toes, the new action/thriller film, The Black Book is a must-see. The film tells a gripping tale of a retired hitman’s pursuit of justice and revenge after his son was wrongly accused of kidnapping. He fights a corrupt police force to clear his son’s name and absolve himself from past sins. The fictional narrative explores themes of crime and injustice. It explores Nigeria’s conflicted history with military dictatorship, corruption, drug trafficking, and politics. Produced by Anakle Films, the film has already made cinematic history. It has become the very first African film to reach the global Top 3 on Netflix.

The Black Book has captivated over 20 million viewers within only a few weeks after its release. According to press materials, it held a spot on Netflix’s top 10 list for three consecutive weeks in 69 countries. The Black Book stands out as a trailblazer for the African film industry. It has already reached huge success, with especially impressive numbers being an independent (Indie) film. Using world-class audio and visual technology, the film contained huge sets and sound stages at a scale never before seen in Nigerian cinema. The production team constructed and incorporated these huge sets to achieve standout scenes and various large-scale location shoots.

“This achievement for an independent African film is nothing short of historic,” The Black Book Director Editi Effiong says, “The film has been well received globally and has surpassed our expectations. This film carries deep cultural significance, portraying the struggles of the Nigerian people over the years. I am immensely proud that The Black Book has brought this narrative to life.”

The film features some of Africa’s most well-known actors, including Richard Mofe-Damijo as the lead, Alex Usifo, Sam Dede, Denola Grey, Shaffy Bello and Ireti Doyle. The actors underwent intense training in martial arts and weapon use, as the film features multiple fight scenes. The movie took about four months to film. It spanned several locations in Nigeria, including the Cathedral of the Holy Cross, Lagos’ Apapa Port and Old Railway Compound, Kaduna.

“The Black Book’s success proves African stories, made on the continent by Africans, can stand on their merit on the global stage…”, director Effiong states. Themes in the film have resonated with viewers all around the world, including South America and South East Asia. Effiong says, “The Black Book has shaken up how the world sees the Nigerian cinematic experience, and the results have been incredible…”.

The Black Book has made an undeniable impact worldwide and on the African film industry. The amount of effort gone into its production hasn’t gone unnoticed, as it has already reached huge success as an independent indie film. The film’s narrative has reached mass audiences and resonated with different viewers. The film reflects an important narrative, bringing awareness to corruption and political conflicts in other nations. See what all the hype is about, and see The Black Book, available on Netflix.

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