Saucy Santana Makes Acting Debut in “Secret Society 3 ’til DEATH”: Trailer and Release Date Revealed


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Award-Winning Rapper Joins A Stellar Cast for the Final Chapter of the Secret Society Trilogy

Exciting news is breaking as “Secret Society 3 ’til DEATH” unveils its highly anticipated trailer and release date, promising an epic conclusion to the renowned Secret Society trilogy. The final chapter welcomes a new face to the screen, none other than the award-winning rapper, actor, and LGBTQ activist, Saucy Santana, in his acting debut. Directed by Jamal Hill and produced by Miasha Coleman, the film is set to premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime on December 15th.

The Secret Society trilogy has been a dominating force on Amazon’s charts for two consecutive years, earning praise from A-listers such as Young Miami, Yandi Smith, Jennifer Williams, and more. The journey began in 2006 with the release of the book, captivating audiences with its exploration of identity and sparking a cultural phenomenon in both literature and cinema.

In this climactic third installment, “Secret Society 3 ’til DEATH” takes audiences even deeper into the lives of Celess (Reyna Love) and SiSi (Adejah Parrish), challenging stereotypes and weaving a narrative of empowerment and authenticity. The stellar cast, which includes Jeremy Meeks, Vivica A. Fox, and Romeo Miller, promises outstanding performances, setting the stage for a gripping and memorable conclusion.

The full cast list is nothing short of impressive, featuring talents such as Reyna Love, Adejah Parrish, Vivica A. Fox, Romeo Miller, Eddie Soto, Frank Guzman, Bonny Lytes, Vincent De Paul, Tyler Hopkins, Cree Campbell, T’arie Jai, Everlayn Borges, and Nadia Adelay.

Adding to the excitement, Saucy Santana makes his mark in the acting world alongside Erica Pinkett, Felicia “Snoop” Pearson, and Jeremy Meeks. The inclusion of such a diverse and talented ensemble ensures a movie experience that transcends expectations.

Save the date for December 15th, 2023, as “Secret Society 3 ’til DEATH” promises to be a riveting cinematic experience, bringing together an exceptional cast and a storyline that has captivated audiences for years. Catch the premiere exclusively on Amazon Prime, where the final chapter of the Secret Society trilogy unfolds with a blend of drama, authenticity, and Saucy Santana’s dynamic debut on the big screen.

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