LA Pop R&B Artist Yarin Glam Drops New Heat with “Burn It Down”


( ENSPIRE Music ) New Single Reminds Us We Are Not Alone

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Yarin Glam is an LA pop and R&B artist with a new single called “Burn It Down.” Born and raised in Israel, her Middle Eastern background shines in her music and brings out her authenticity in each project she does. With over a million streams, Glam has utilized topics such as female empowerment, mental health, and self-love for her songs. If you are a fan of Rihanna, Lana Del Rey, and or Billie Eilish, she is the ideal artist you should listen to. 

The meaning behind “Burn It Down” is to remind us that we are not alone in life. Including ethereal vocals and echoing guitar beasts, this single gives off a celestial, empowering atmosphere. The singer/songwriter got her inspiration for this song from her sister and her ex-boyfriend. Glam says, “She’s a person that owns herself 100%; she loves her crazy side, and she’ll always say it. “Burn It Down” is a song where you can own your “crazy” and celebrate it.”

Yarin Glam

Yarin Glam has worked with Grammy award-winning producers. In recent news, she has routed the US and Canada with Emblem3. You can follow Yarin Glam on Instagram and stream her music on Spotify and other platforms. Listen to “Burn It Down” by clicking here.

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