‘Loves To Blame’ In Soleil’s Latest Release

Photo Credit: Josh M. (@gogogadget_nikon); Lea Grandvalet Studer (@imagemephotography)

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Loves To Blame, A Song That Speaks On How Love Affects People

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

With the release of her latest record and music video, “Loves To Blame,” Soleil continues to rule 2021. In contrast to her previous darker-sounding single, “Noise,” “Loves To Blame” is an optimistic, lyrical love song. Soleil’s remarkable ability to change alter her sound illustrates what a unique gift she possesses.

“Loves To Blame,” is about how love affects people. “When you’re into someone, you start accommodating your life so that you can fit the other person into your schedule.” Soleil continues: “You think about that person often, and at some point, you want to make it official. These are all things that we can blame on love.” The combination of the word “love,” which tends to have a positive connotation, and the word “blame,” which has a negative connotation, is akin to an oxymoron and very clever wordplay.

Photo Credit: Josh M. (@gogogadget_nikon); Lea Grandvalet Studer (@imagemephotography)

James Murphy, Soleil, and Mitch Cantor collaborated on the song “Loves To Blame.” Samson Rawls assisted the voice production. Audio Vision Recording Studios produced the single. Grizzly Films and Liz Pollock directed the music video. The fun-loving, catchy melody comes to life in the music video. From beginning to end, the vivid, sultry music video keeps audiences engrossed. Soleil’s silky, jaw-dropping vocals create the ideal summertime song for fans. “Loves To Blame” will make you fall in love.

About Soleil

Soleil is a New York-born singer-songwriter who now calls Miami home. She’s appeared on a variety of stages across the United States. Rolling Stone IN, EARMILK, ELEVATOR, and The Hype Magazine have all interviewed and highlighted Soleil. Sony, Music.com, SoundCloud, and ReverbNation all recognized her after she won their contests. Soleil tells stories about all elements of love with her powerful, polished vocals. Blues, EDM, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, and Soul, are just a few of the genres she plays. Her music appeals to a wide range of musical tastes. Soleil will soon demonstrate why she is poised to become a superstar.

Photo Credit: Josh M. (@gogogadget_nikon); Lea Grandvalet Studer (@imagemephotography)

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