Laterras R. Whitfield Advocates for Foster Care Sharing His Personal Adoption Journey


( ENSPIRE Features ) Whitfield Campaigns For Foster Home Kingdom Royale

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

Laterras R. Whitfield is a devoted father who advocates fostering and adoption. He is a multifaceted man with big pursuits and campaigns to give children more opportunities to find family and togetherness. Whitfield is a father to daughter Laterria and has two adopted sons, his nephew Ladarrion and Armani, who has been in foster care for 5 ½ years and was adopted at the age of sixteen. His advocacy and dedication to fostering and adoption have brought on his campaign for the luxurious state-of-the-art foster home for boys called Kingdom Royale, located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

More often than not, children are removed from family homes because of physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. Landing in the foster care system can be a challenging battle all on its own. Besides mental health concerns and other issues, children can end up in extenuating circumstances and age through the foster care system. For example, Whitfield’s son, Armani, was homeless and suffered from bipolar disorder. Upon their meeting, Armani’s generosity and efforts to help the homeless community have brought the two together. Their story is featured on an episode of A&E’s Court Cam. In addition, Whitfield’s nephew, Ladarrion, found himself in CPS in 2015, where efforts to adopt him were a long emotional process. Laterras Whitefield is going beyond to provide for his family, a loving, healthy home, and future families for other young men just like his own.

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Beyond his foster support, he hosts the viral top-ten relationship podcast Dear Future Wifey, where he interviews single parents, married couples, and divorcees about family, love, and everything in between. Whitfield brings new perspectives and limitless options with Kingdom Royale. This space will utilize the whole-person approach to help empower the kids to advocate for themselves. Texas has the second-highest number of foster care placements in the nation, which makes Kingdom Royale a new foster care placement that is taking a new approach to giving kids a home.

As Whitfield states, “I know the transformative power of love. I believe the intentional pursuit of a broken heart can mend it and create a new perspective mentally to inspire a child to reach their highest potential. After receiving countless emails, direct messages, and interviews about my advocacy work for foster and adoption, I felt a push to do more. Kingdom Royale is a revolutionary luxury home for foster boys. We will change the trajectory of the lives of young men who have been unfortunately thrust into the foster care system. What better month to jumpstart this initiative than November’s National Adoption Month? With faith in God and faith in you, I pursue this dream in complete confidence and kickstart our capital fundraising initiative of $2.8 million. Together, we can help save the future. Crown a king and donate today.” Laterras is a multifaceted talent dedicated to healing hearts and fostering relationships, and through donations and his foster care strategies, he is bringing children to future families.

Laterras R. Whitfield is a loving father, foster parent, and founder. He creates more opportunities for many children to find foster parents and adoptions. Follow Whitfield on Instagram to support his vision for a better future for adoptees. Visit Dear Future Wifey on YouTube for new episodes. Follow the Podcast on Instagram for future updates. Visit Kingdom Royale for more information on how you can donate and adopt.

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