19-year-old Grand Rapids College student Taia Vinson launches CBDdrenched.com at the Worldwide EndoMarch ATL

( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) 19-year-old Taia Vinson Started CBDdrenched.com After Being Diagnosed with Endometriosis

Late last month, with the biggest turnout of Women with endometriosis and supporters- so far- Worldwide Endo March Atlanta 2019 5K Walk was an incredibly fun success. Taia Vinson, the 19-year-old CEO of CBDdrenched.com launched her brand at this event. Taia chose to have her brand sponsor this event which happens in 11 cities across the nation because she also was diagnosed with Endometriosis at a very young age. The pain was so intense and the only thing that she was able to use to manage the pain is this CBD Oil.  

With the goal to assist so many other women in the fight for a cure Taia has vowed to continue to support the Worldwide EndoMArch Organization and offer women products that can help them manage their pain on a daily basis. The ATL walk estimated about 300 in attendance and the attendees didn’t disappoint. CBDdrenched.comhopes to continue a relationship with all the amazing people who came out. 

The support and questions at the CBDdrenched.com tent were amazing. Taia say “I can’t wait until the next event, so much love and energy came out today.” 

The host of the ATL event Riana Fonseca, stated she was very happy to have CBDdrenched.com on board and hopes to continue to partner and help spread awareness for a cure for Endometriosis.

Also, in attendance was Reality stars Courtney Larisa & DJ Stormy of OWN Networks “Ready To Love”, Terrance Vinson, CEO of Biomes Global, Celebrity Chef Phylicia Renae, Ash N’ Flash Photography & MNS Media Group.