Antoinne Duane Jones: Building the Foundation of Success


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Antoinne Duane Jones Building His Foundation Piece By Piece, Learning All He Can, As Well As Improving His Craft

ENSPIRE Contributor: Fago Franklin III

Jones is a photographer with a sharp eye that has captured some of the biggest moments in entertainment. He has worked with some TV One Sister Circle, as well as other publication, but decided to start his own business.

“My journey started 14 years ago when my mother mentioned that I have a great eye for capturing people. At first, I kind of laugh it off, but she kept saying that I think you may want to get in the field of being a photographer.” I took her advice and shot some weddings, celebrity events, and just random pictures. I grew to love what I do now and I love how creative I can be with a camera.”

So Jones decided to take a leap of faith and started his own business called Antoinne Duane Jones Media. “It has been a journey, but I have been very blessed to have some great experiences using my own platform. I like how I can use my own creativity, as well as charge what I am worth.”

Jones has talked about know what you want to do in life and going for it. “Dreams are just that if you do not have any passion, drive, or a mentality to want more and learn more. You have to have an understanding of your purpose and once you know that everything will fall together.”