Staci Sherrí Shines in Her Own Showcase During NYFW 20′


( ENSPIRE Fashion ) Staci Sherrí Shines in Her Own Showcase During NYFW 20′

Staci Sherrí brought fashion to the stage during this year’s New York Fashion Week. There is a lot of hard work and effort that goes into producing one’s own show. As an independent designer, it’s important that you create excitement that will bring the people to your brand. Staci Sherrí did that, packing a room full of supporters and future customers making sure everyone felt the positive energy that engulfs in her creations.

According to her website, the Staci Sherrí brand looks to exemplify a universal goal of LOVE in the showcase. The brand is meant to remain functional while incorporating vivid expression, intricate details, and lines that are meant to be tailored to accentuate beauty.

The brand is meant to enhance both inner and outer beauty and enforce self-awareness and growth. “…like a caterpillar’s journey into becoming a butterfly.”When you look good, you feel good and you be good.” – Staci Sherrí  

On Sept 9, Staci Sherrí kicked off its “Life is a party” themed show during NYFW as well, bringing forth some of the biggest and hottest influenced and innovators within the fashion industry.

A portion of proceeds from all clothing sales went towards the Staci Sherrí Foundation.

Check out our interview with Staci Sherri: