Olanikee Osi on Self-Care, SelfishBabe, and Goddess Detox


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Olanikee Osi Discusses Self-Care Businesses

ENSPIRE Contributor: Amitha Bhat

Olanikee Osi, a 28 year old owner of two self-care focused businesses has a lot to say about self love and self care! In an interview with ENSPIRE Magazine, she discusses the importance of self care and her two businesses.

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Hi, my name is Olanikee. I’m the founder and CEO of both Goddess Detox, which is my feminine wellness company as well as SelfishBabe. And I’m 28 years old. I’m in Atlanta, Georgia. I really enjoy watching anime and Chinese and Korean dramas. I like chill vibes. I love to listen to Caribbean music and Afro beats as well as some alternative rock. I’m deeply connected spiritually honoring my ancestors, as well as other deities and diving deeper into my spiritual practice. I love being in nature. I love traveling and at this moment I would love to be on someone’s island right now.

What does self-love mean to you?

For me, it’s about choosing myself. It’s about me living a life of joy and happiness and also learning of course, and I know that cannot always be joy and happiness, but in terms of me having a love for life, that is definitely something that I put first and foremost.

What inspired you to start SelfishBabe?

I was doing a lot of personal development courses, and learning a lot more about manifestation. And so I would, you know, sign up to every course and then I would go on the website and I would log in, and then–me just being lazy, sometimes I would not look at people’s courses and things because I had to go to the website and log in. And, one time I was like, “I wish everything was just in one place. I wish everything was just on the phone because we always carry our cell phones.” And so, that’s when I actually came up with the name SelfishBabe. And so for me, I just wanted there to be an app that women can have that focuses primarily on self-love. but not in like–I feel like the way that usually people talk about it is very corny or very “professional.”

When I say that, I just mean like, it’s like there’s no slang, there’s no jazz in it, there’s no pizzazz, and for me, when I was doing my affirmations I like to add some jazz in it, I like to add some slang. I like it to be fun. And so for me, SelfishBabe started that way, but I just wanted there to be something for women surrounding self-love, but in a way that was very, very, very relatable.

How do you help people love themselves through SelfishBabe?

Through the SelfishBabe app, we help people love themselves by sending them a daily affirmation as well as a daily self-love reminder. And so, when we send out that daily affirmation and the women read it, automatically, they’re tuning into a message whether they want it to or not. Because they’re reading that message that’s really positive, they’re reading it to themselves, and sometimes the women are speaking those affirmations over themselves. And so what this does is shift their own energy as well as start the change in their mentality.

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That’s how we start to help them with self-love. But the app also does have the podcast, which is the SelfishBabe Selfish Talk podcast, which I host. I talk a lot about self-love, spirituality, and anything woman and real. So a lot of real issues and real things that women face when it comes to loving themselves and choosing themselves. We have a blog, we have a spiritual blog, we have screensavers and I also have recommended books for women. And also, there’s a list of self love videos that are from different YouTubers that I feel talk about self love in a very relatable way. And so basically women have all types of resources within the SelfishBabe app to focus on their self love in a way that’s easily digestible which was very important to me. 

What advice do you have for those struggling with self-love?

Download the SelfishBabe app! I will tell them to say yes to notifications. And I will tell them to start speaking those affirmations that are sent to their phone every day. And then I would tell them to listen to episode one of the podcast–it talks about you being worthy. That podcast episode has helped so many women. I think that for a woman that is struggling with self love, listening to that podcast would help. But for me, it starts with the way that you’re speaking to yourself and the way that you view your life. And I think that once we can change that, then I think a lot of things can happen.

What is the importance of a detox (in reference to Olanikee’s other company, Goddess Detox)?

 We have the goddess vaginal detox pearls, as well as the Queen’s vaginal steam and throne set. When it comes to Goddess Detox and the products that we provide, it’s really about providing herbal-based products that are going to spiritually, mentally, and emotionally and physically cleanse. I really want women to release old stagnant emotions, as well as spiritually cleanse as well because a lot of times we are interacting with a lot of different people and energies. A lot of people don’t know that. And so when I do have these two products, they are focused on the woman and the vagina. A lot of times many women do not focus on this area, either their doctor or their lovers are focusing on the area but not them. And so when you’re using one of Goddess Detox’s products, it’s really bringing women back to themselves, back to the source, back to the power of their womb, the power of themselves, and the power of the words. And so for me when you use these products, it’s bringing light so some things that you may have buried. So, as you are cleansing you are releasing not only the emotional baggage, but the spiritual baggage and physical baggage. And so I feel like if a woman really wants to reconnect with her vagina, she should definitely try one of those two products.

What inspired you to start Goddess Detox? 

There is a book I always recommend to everybody: it is called Sacred Woman by Queen Afua. And in that book, Queen Afua really talks about herbs, crystals, affirmations, altars, spirituality, and of course, the vagina. And so as I was learning that when I was about 22 years old,in a sister circle. And we would read her book because her book is kind of like an instructional manual when it comes to self-care, self-love and related things. And so we would meet every week and go over each gateway. And so as I was learning that I also learned about when I call now the Goddess Detox pearls and I really liked what they did and I really wanted more women to know about it. I had originally had another company, but because I was so focused on things related to women, as well as the goddess detox process, I started my company, Goddess Detox. I just wanted it to be a woman’s focus because that’s where I was at that time in life.

What is it like being a young owner of two businesses? 

I think I would say, first of all, that life is a blessing because I feel a lot more free than I feel like most people would be. And this is not to knock anybody that really loves to drive and who likes to be there on the daily, but for me, I like to be at home. I just finished washing my hair and watching Netflix!  I have a team, you know, I have a business partner and I have a team that works on stuff for me. So I can take a step back and just kind of do what I want to do. And so for me, I really, really enjoy that. Sometimes, yes, there are the headaches and things that come along with business, but overall, I can move how I want to move and I really appreciate that. And even to be 28 now, I just feel so good that I didn’t actually have to wait until I was 35 or 40. And again, it doesn’t knock anybody that is around that age and just saying that I was able to do this before I was 30 and I feel very happy about that and I feel very blessed for it. And so I would just say it’s a life of continuing freedom.

For more information about Olanikee, visit her website HERE.