In Effort Of the Fight Against Coronavirus Spotify Now Allows Fans To Support Artists Fundraising Direct, via Cash App and PayPal


( ENSPIRE Trending News ) Spotify Allows Artist to Receive Payments From Fans Via Cash App and Paypal To Help Battle Coronavirus

Spotify just announced some huge news for artists. The streaming platform has allowed artists to highlight a song or album on their profile via the ‘Artist’s Pick’ headline. Now, Spotify has released a sister version of this feature, ‘Artist Fundraising Pick’, which enables an artist to pin a specific link on their profile where a fan can send them tips.

Artists who want to use their Fundraising Pick to encourage fans to pay money to good causes are allowed to do so via GoFundMe, or direct to a supported cause via Spotify’s COVID-19 Music Relief project. Artists using Fundraising Pick to encourage their fans to pay them money can also do so – via a link from or Cash App.

Spotify stated: “This is an incredibly difficult time for many Spotify users and people around the world — and there are many worthy causes to support at this time.

“With this feature, we simply hope to enable those who have the interest and means to support artists in this time of great need, and to create another opportunity for our COVID-19 Music Relief partners to find the financial support they need to continue working in music and lift our industry.”