Orgain – Organic Nutritional Company Provided 100,000 Clean Protein Shakes to Healthcare Heroes

Photo Credit: Orgain

( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Orgain Provided Thousands of Clean Protein Shakes to Healthcare Heroes Through the Shakes For Heroes Campaign

ENSPIRE Contributor: Rosa Linda Fallon

In light of COVID-19, Orgain, the leading brand in convenient, clean nutrition products and shakes, is empowering their community to help nourish local healthcare practitioners, hospitals, and medical teams through the Shakes for Heroes Campaign. 

Through Orgain’s social media platforms and a dedicated micro-site, people offered the names and details of the qualified medical professional they wanted to nominate. Orgain asked communities most affected by the pandemic to nominate healthcare practitioners and the hospital or medical facility where they work and sent them free nutritional shakes to provide clean, convenient nutrition so they could continue doing their work.  Nominations were done via the Orgain website and shared on social media with the hashtag, #shakesforheroes. 

Orgain, founded by Dr. Andrew Abraham, provides many organic nutritional products including protein shakes, protein bars and powders. (Photo Credit: Orgain)

According to the Orgain website, the company surpassed its goal of giving away 100,000 Clean Protein shakes to healthcare providers on the front lines of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

“We, and thousands of healthcare workers around the country, thank you for making this possible,” Founder and Cancer Survivor, Andrew Abraham stated. 

Andrew Abraham was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when he was just seventeen years old.  During his treatment, he lost his appetite and suffered from severe weight loss. After his doctors recommended nutrition shakes to help get his weight up, he noticed the only options available at the time were full of unhealthy and synthetic ingredients. Abraham and his mother instead decided to make their own organic shakes at home.  

“Not only did they help me regain strength, they restored my hope for the future,” Abraham says. 

Founder of Orgain, Dr. Andrew Abraham was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer when he was young. This inspired him to seek out healthier nutrition options. (Photo Credit: Orgain)

The power of clean nutrition followed him into his medical career.  After treating many patients, he was taken by the idea that he could help people by providing healthier, organic nutrition shakes. Abraham decided to quit his medical practice and started Orgain.  

To find out more about Orgain’s commitment to providing clean nutrition, you can visit their website at