Self-Love with Jessica Cymone


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Actress and Model, Jessica Cymone, Creates TV Miniseries Focusing on Self-Love

ENSPIRE Contributor: Amanda Hirsch

In a time where there are so many issues and concerns that are much bigger than ourselves, it’s easy to forget about our own mental health and self-image. To highlight the importance of finding ourselves and not losing grip on who we are, I would like to introduce you to Jessica Cymone.

Jessica Cymone began her professional career as an athletic model, taking part in runway shows and appearing on the cover of multiple magazines. She then moved on to acting, where she was filmed for commercials for products such as “Gold Peak Tea,” “Lucid Mood,” and “L’ANGE.” With a personality that exudes light and welcomes all who have the pleasure to speak with her, Cymone has big plans for herself, and there’s no doubt that she will achieve her goals.

With a hunger to keep honing her skills, the young actress and model decided to work on writing, directing, and producing her own mini web series. The anticipated project is called #IMBAE. The series focuses on the journey of an eccentric young woman who has to find herself through all the tribulations and trials that she faces. Bae, her alter ego, remains by her side and shows unconditional love and support to the main character, Cymone. She even teaches her different ways to love herself more.

Photo: From Jessica Cymone’s Instagram; @jessicacymone

With so many important things happening outside, we forget that sometimes we need to focus our attention inward and work on ourselves. Self-love is so important, and so many women struggle with it. Seeing beautiful models with unachievable figures all over social media can make it almost impossible to accept ourselves as we are. #IMBAE gives the message that can inspire every woman who is going through similar problems of finding self-love and self-worth. Loving yourself is a journey, and putting yourself first is the final destination. Cymone’s project will be a breath of fresh air and a much-needed motivation to look inward and work on ourselves.