Actor Nathan Davis Jr. Speaks on Racial Experience During Flight and Remembers Being Falsely Accused of Having a Weapon


( ENSPIRE Trending News ) Nathan Davis Jr. Reflects on His Own Experiences With Racism

Entertainer Nathan Davis Jr., most popular for “Detroit,” “Lodging Artemis” and Marvel’s “Wanderers,” said that growing up as a Black man, he never truly experienced bigotry. But in a Lawsuit recently filed, Davis uncovers that he kicked off a plane last December, after an airline steward claimed he was playing music too loud and dishonestly blamed him for having a firearm, an episode Davis claims was racially persuaded.

In the suit, Davis revealed that while sitting down on a flight from Houston to Nashville, he was approached by a female airline steward requesting that he turn down his music, which was playing through his earbuds. Davis says that he followed her guidelines and turned the music down. He saw that different travelers around him were tuning in to music on their gadgets, yet were not approached. Davis proceeds to state that the attendant moved toward him a second and third time, talking just to him and ignoring the other travelers.

“I was extremely fearful,” Davis said in an interview with Variety. “I honestly felt like there was nobody there that had my back. I was the only Black man on the plane. I just honestly felt like my life didn’t matter — I literally felt like this lady was going to take away my life, just by saying that I had a gun.”

Davis and his attorney George Mallory filed the racial discrimination lawsuit against United Airlines, ExpressJet Airlines — which operates as United Express, on behalf of United — and ManaAir. Davis is asking that a judge award him $10 million in damages.