Bi-Lateral Amputee, Single Mother, with a GED Takes the Business World by Storm!


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Keisha Green Had the Odds Stacked Against Her

ESNPIRED Contributor: Tyler Burns

Keisha Green was born in Syracuse, NY which has the eighth highest poverty rate in the United States. She was a teenage mother of three boys and a high-school dropout and things were not going great for her. She easily could’ve succumbed to the pressures of life and gave up. However, Keisha became an outright success while owning her own business which resulted in her creating a powerful and productive environment for her three children.

In 2010, Keisha relocated her family and business to Atlanta, GA. In 2013, Keisha experienced a life-altering car accident that left her as a bilateral amputee. With no additional support from family, friends, or colleagues, Keisha had to quickly redefine her steps. During a mini coma post-accident, Keisha experienced a supernatural calling on her life. Keisha awoke from this life-threatening tragedy, ready to live out her GOD GIVEN PURPOSE.

Below is the interview with Keisha Green:

  1. What made you decide to be relocated to Atlanta, GA? Any particular business reason or just a personal decision?
    I was born and raised in the #8 poverty city, Syracuse, NY. I wanted to show my boys more than poverty. I wanted them to dream big. I felt like Atlanta was the place for that. I heard Atlanta was the city for the birth of African American businesses.
  2. Do you have any advice for struggling single mothers looking for ways to advance their family’s futures?
    To start thinking outside of the box, never second guess yourself and strategize your win. Never shrink yourself because of your past experiences. You can do and be anything!
  3. What would you say your next big endeavor/goal is if you can reveal it?
    The release of my e-book, My Salon Suite program, and many more, Stay tuned. Ohhh. I just became a contributor for the Rolling Out Magazine morning show. Catch me every Tuesday and Thursday mornings.
  4. After all your success, personally & business-wise, what keeps you motivated on a daily basis?
    My boys and my goals, period. When I see my boys, I know that there is no option but to succeed. I also try to help my family back home as well. I want my family to know that if I can make it, even with all that has happened to me physically, you can too.
  5. Of all your accomplishments, which are many, which one would you say you are the proudest of?
    The development of my non-profit organization, Loving Legs Foundation “Big Sister Program.” This organization allowed me to remind other amputee’s how beautiful they are. See so many of us define ourselves by what happens to us. I want to remind each and every one of us that we are incredible divas. My Big Sister program pairs young amputees with older amputees. This is important because it shows that young women that they have a future. That they are not their disability. They are winners. I love my non-profit foundation.

Keisha is an author of 2 books, a celebrated business owner of multiple brands, and a real estate developer. She has used real estate to focus on providing luxury properties for the amputee community. She’s also an international speaker, founder of Legless & Wheelchair Divas (501C3), and a strategic business coach. Keisha teaches others how to excel despite one’s challenges.