Jennifer Messina Sings For Your Mental Health


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) The Rising Performer In Directing Her Life Experiences Into Her Powerful New Single and Career

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Duchan

Jennifer Messina is wielding her platform to send the messages that everybody needs to hear. Rising to new heights within the music industry, Messina has dedicated her career to producing songs that highlight the importance of mental health. With her new release “Time Heals Everything,” Messina tackles issues of trauma and fear and converts them into a form of empowerment for both herself and her audience.

The singer and actress developed a passion for music from a young age, when she actively participated in solo singing and choir throughout her various moves from White Plains and New Rochelle, New York, to Derry, New Hampshire. After competing in Miss American pageants throughout her teenage years, a 17-year-old Messina jumped at the opportunity to enlist in the United States Army Band, where she was commissioned as a Military Police Corps lieutenant. 

Messina found unexpected parallels between being an army officer and singer, realizing that they both placed her in the unique position to make immense impacts on people’s lives. Through delving into music, Messina found she was able to positively influence her audience’s mental health and convert her life experiences into guidance for others.

“Time Heals Everything” is a powerful song broaching topics of trauma and depression, deemed by Messina as “the final step of recovery or acceptance of any illness.” Through her lyrics, she encourages listeners to trust the process and allow themselves the space to properly heal. Learning from her own journey of rising above obstacles, she offers the key to success: “Time and perseverance. Don’t give up.” 

In dealing with the anxieties attached to today’s political climate, Messina encourages her audience to use music as a resource for finding hope. “A lot of this world heals through music whether listening or hearing,” said Messina. “When there are no words, there is music to explain our thoughts. Use music as a tool to dig deeper into yourself and process through your vulnerabilities.” 

Messina continues to expand her reach through songwriting and performing and is advancing her music career with the ever-changing times. “We plan to go to the top,” said the artist, “and we won’t slow down even if the universe makes us.”

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