Smoke Shield Launches New Odor Eliminating Spray


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Smoke Shield Launches Baby Bash, Slim Thug’s New Odor Eliminating Spray & Celebrates Slim Thug’s 40th Birthday

ENSPIRE Contributor: Octavia Johnson

Smoke Shield hosted its official launch party for the release of Slim Thug & Baby Bash’s new odor-eliminating sprays. The self-proclaimed “Sugar Daddy Slim” spray is named “Sugar Daddy,” while Baby Bash has the “Fresh Linen” spray.

Smoke Shield is an odor eliminating eco-friendly spray, and a healthier alternative to aerosol air fresheners because it is water-based, non-toxic, and non-corrosive. According to the press release, Smoke Shield can remove any lingering odors by using microencapsulation technology and works on contact without staining clothes, and it has five unique scents.

The invite-only event consisted of music, complimentary drinks, mingling, free bottles of the spray, and a celebration of Slim Thug’s 40th birthday on Sept. 9th. Although Slim’s birthday was on Sept. 8th, the launch party was the finale of his celebration. Slim Thug’s plan to go big with the project in hopes of giving fans what they need.

Photo Cred: Tim Crews
Photo Cred: Tim Crews
Photo Cred: Tim Crews