Stars and Fans Connect on New Platform


( ENSPIRE News ) Starsona Focuses on Stars Owning New Income Stream and Direct Connection With Fans

ENSPIRE Contributor: Octavia Johnson

As the negative financial impact of COVID-19 continues to impact arts, entertainment, and sports personalities, Starsona provides stars with their storefront that makes it safe, easy, and fun for them to monetize their brand. Experiences include video shoutouts, 1:1 interactions, personalized merch, DMs, and more. Starsona recently released its v2, which expands the creative personalized ways stars can interact with their fans, making it the leading platform in several experiences, brand enhancement, and revenue potential.

Starsona launched last summer for stars to set up their “storefront” as a way to interact with their fanbase by offering personalized shoutouts, Q&As, and announcements. The newest version added 1:1 interactions, personalized merch, and “Fun Stuff.” Celebrities, musicians, actors, athletes, influencers, and other personalities who have followers or fans can create a storefront to use as a stand-alone income stream or a broader business plan. Stars can create their storefront and manage their account on Starsona’s website or iOS and Android apps. Starsona offers one-on-one support to help established and up-and-coming stars meet their goals.

“We’ve amplified the reasons Starsona is superior for stars to build their brand income,” said Peter Karpas, founder and CEO of Starsona. “We had three priorities for this v2 release: flexibility, fan data, and fees. Flexibility comes from the range of personalized experiences stars can offer to earn more money. Fan Data is gold for marketing and audience building, so stars now get access to their fan information. And even better, we added all of this while lowering our fees, so stars make even more money from their Starsona storefront.”

Starsona creates more opportunities for stars to promote their brands and speak with their fanbase. Direct engagement helps build a relationship between them. To learn more about Starsona, please visit