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From Behind Bars to Center Stage with Artist Tamikyo Inez

( ENSPIRE Music ) Tamikyo Inez's Journey From Behind Bars to Center Stage ENSPIRE contributor: Mayleen Marrero

Caitlynne Curtis Releases Powerful Ballad For Father’s Day Today

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Curtis' Debut Country Song is an Ode to Her Father and Fathers Everywhere

Emerging R&B Singer-Songwriter Yassie Talks Songwriting Process

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Yassie Provides Info on Songwriting, Inspiration, and Dealing with Writer's Block ENSPIRE Contributor:...

Kevin Ross’ New Single “Show and Prove” Out Now

( ENSPIRE Music ) Kevin Ross Is No Stranger To The Music Scene And That Is Evident In His New Single...

Capo Corleone & Kuba’s New Song “Thank Myself” Promotes Self-Reflection

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) The Single “Thank Myself” is All About Believing in Yourself, Your Strengths, and in Your Own Abilities

Eric Hall Talks Making History with New NBA Theme Song and...

( ENSPIRE Music ) Eric Hall Teams up with The NBA in Partnership with ESPN for New Theme Song

Rising Star Jai’Len Josey Strives For Success With New Music In...

( ENSPIRE Music ) Josey’s Drive for Greatness Has Only Helped Her Push Herself More to Grow as an Artist and...

Shaun Ross Hosts Alien Superstar Halloween Party

( ENSPIRE LifeStyle ) Extravagant Night Held at the Sunset at EDITION ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

What Esh Morgan Learned From 100 Days of Songwriting

( ENSPIRE Music ) And What Other Artists Can Learn Too ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabel Strickland

Introducing: Author, Producer, and Musician Scott Howard

( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Scott Howard takes Music to New Heights ENSPIRE Contributor: Clarisa Crump