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Pervis Taylor is an award-winning life coach, inspirational speaker, author, and mentor. Taylor’s latest book, Surthrival Mode, expands on his revolutionary views of emotions and mental health. By depicting his narrative of abuse, depression, and low self-esteem, Taylor illustrates an easy to follow guide for how he used the four A’s of Surthrival Mode to transmute his life story.

Taylor is especially encouraged to find that he had found a devoted audience of young male POC who connected with his progressive vision of masculinity and emotional intelligence. From this, Taylor soon found himself lending his expertise to the New York City Department of Education, as well as several colleges across the city. He was invited to take part in CUNY’s Black Male Initiative and honored as a “BE Modern Man” by Black Enterprise Magazine. ENSPIRE had the opportunity to have a question and answer session with Taylor.

Author and Life Coach Pervis Taylor

Q:When did you realize that you have a story to share?

A: I discovered I had a story to share when I was hired to give a talk about excellence (my very first talk). I was petrified and couldn’t think of anything, so I shared my story as a last resort. The energy in the room shifted. It was a group of rambunctious high schoolers. And to see them shift from almost ignoring me to hanging on to my every word, showed me the power of my story.

Q: What does “Surthrival Mode” mean to you?

A: “Surthrival Mode” to me is my legacy. It also means a new narrative is being written about Black men and mental health. Seeing so many men of color suffer in silence with mental and emotional pain inspired me to write “Surthrival Mode.” Additionally, my own personal narrative. I wanted to write something the younger me could receive, appreciate, and apply to his life. Moreover, the book means healing and wholeness for me.

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Q: As a mental health advocate, how do you help men better their mental health?

A: I help men by normalizing their experiences and creating safe spaces for them to be human. I also teach the importance of processing and dealing with their emotions and suppressed feelings and traumas. I help men to become more verbal.

Q: What are the “Four A’s” of Surthrival Mode?

A: The four A’s are acknowledgment, acceptance, articulation, and alchemy.

Q: What is the best part of your career?

A: The best part of my career is getting messages from strangers about how either my book or talks helped them to change their lives. Working with youth is so important to me because that’s where we first learn to suppress and cope. We are the most teachable at that age. Most importantly if we teach them properly we can shift the culture as it relates to trauma. Moreover, we can have healthier familial and relational dynamics which in turn creates a healthier world, it just feels good to help people.

Author and Life Coach Pervis Taylor

For more information about Taylor and his book, “Surthrival Mode” which out now follows him on Instagram @pervistaylor. Order a copy of the book by clicking here. The book is available in a paperback and E-book format. 

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