Orgonite Goddess: A Pandemic Success Story


( ENSPIRE Business ) Brittany Paz Starts New Business Amidst the Economic Precarity of COVID-19 Pandemic Meets Glowing Reception

ENSPIRE Contributor: Adam Cetorelli

Like many Americans, Brittany Paz felt the economic uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic. She was furloughed from her steady job and had a newfound abundance of free time. And like many Americans, Paz decided to use her extra time to explore a new hobby. Instead of baking sourdough or learning TikTok dances, Paz began learning about acrylic resin and silicone molds in pursuit of crafting energy-balancing orgonites. Posting her creations on social media, she quickly garnered attention from would-be buyers and decided to take the plunge into running her own small business. Thus, on May 15th—in the middle of a pandemic—Orgonite Goddess was born, and a happy Paz began living her dream of owning her own company. 

Fear of the uncertainty that accompanies starting a business had prevented Paz from making the transition to self-employment, but with the pandemic already providing the uncertainty, she decided it was time to give it a go. Orgonite Goddess has shipped energy-filtering products from Mendocino County, Calif., to satisfied customers all around the US and as far as Australia—all within three months of operation. The Orgonite Goddess story proves that while a changing world naturally creates anxieties, those same changes bring opportunities to build anew on the ruins of the past. With her passion and hard work to steadily grow her business, Paz affirms, “If you truly love what you’re doing, it does not feel like work.”

Read more about orgonites, starting a business in the middle of a global pandemic, and the future of Orgonite Goddess in the interview with Paz.

What are orgonites, and what inspired you to start making them?

Orgonite pyramids are an energy tool that is made up of crystals, stones, metals, earth minerals, and resin. When all elements are combined, it becomes an orgone energy generator. An orgone energy generator gathers negative and positive frequencies. The resin will attract the negative frequencies; the metal materials will repel the negative frequencies, which creates chaotic and unstructured energy. The crystals and stones have the ability to smooth, balance, and transform the negative energy into positive energy. The orgone energy tools (orgonite pyramids and orgone energy jewelry) provide good, balanced frequencies which all living things respond positively to, such as plants, animals, and humans. We naturally want more good, balanced frequencies because we are surrounded by too many negative frequencies. We are always in a battle with negative frequencies because they interfere with our electrical being.

The most common areas to place orgonite pyramids are in main living areas, nightstands, meditation areas, gardens, near wifi routers, your car, or carry it with you while traveling! These are just a few common areas. However, you can place your orgonite pyramids anywhere that you’d like. The jewelry will, of course, be worn. All my orgone energy pieces are personally handcrafted by me outdoors on my property in Mendocino County, northern Calif. It is very important that the energy tool is created in a peaceful and balanced environment. Where better to do this than out in nature?! The materials that I use are the highest quality earth elements that are sourced from all over the world. In the creating process, the earth elements are placed in the molds with the resin which then takes a total of 72 hours to fully cure. A lot of very special time and energy goes into handcrafting each piece.

What empowered you to start a business during the uncertain times of the global COVID-19 pandemic?

Living in this uncertain time was even more motivation for me to start a business and to do something for myself. Especially not knowing if I had a job to go back to after being furloughed from my company that I worked at for eight-plus years. When I was experiencing all this extra time, I knew this was it. This was my moment to start a business and build a brand. 

Broadly, what has the consumer’s response been to your orgonites? Where does the community fit into your business?

From the beginning, the consumer’s response has been incredibly positive and supportive. I think a variety of communities fit into my brand. The health and wellness community, the “woke” and spiritual, jewelry lovers, stay at home moms, working moms, yogis, outdoor lovers, and all who are looking to surround themselves with positive energy.

In addition to using orgonites, what other methods do you suggest for centering the self and balancing one’s energy?

In addition to orgonites, I highly recommend these methods for centering and balancing one’s self. Surround yourself in a positive environment, practice healthy lifestyle habits such as grounding, connecting with mother earth, self-love, yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, consuming plant-based foods, and living a sustainable life.

Do you have any advice on starting a business, especially right now?

My advice would be, if you’ve always wanted to start your own business—do it. It’s ok to be scared, just as long you jump. Make the jump. If you can’t afford to leave your full time 9-5 job, work on your business 5-9 every day. Work weekends and once your business is generating enough money, leave your 9-5 job. Have an open mind, fall in love with the journey, and don’t look back. Have patience and do something that you are deeply passionate about. You can’t teach passion.

With your steadily growing success since May, what’s on the horizon for Orgonite Goddess?

I will be expanding my online business, building a team, and continue to spread positive energy.

To follow Paz’s journey and see more stunning photos of her orgonites and orgone jewelry, check out her Instagram, @orgonitegoddess, or visit her website