K-Victoria’s New Single and Up-and-Coming Career


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) K-Victoria Drops “DJ MY BODY” and Makes Her Name in the Music Industry

ENSPIRE Contributor: Megan Sydow

K-Victoria, an R&B pop artist from the US Virgin Islands, recently dropped her new single “DJ MY BODY” and has been catching the eyes of many people in the industry. By channeling Neo-soul, R&B and Pop sounds and aesthetics into her music, she is making her mark and garnering attention for her unique sound. She’s completed performances at both the Toronto Film Festival and Young Filmmakers Ball, including opening up for Wyclef John.

With “strong, palpable vocals,” K-Victoria shines onstage as a new up-and-coming artist who has garnered respect from a lot of her peers. Her breakthrough single “Visions — When I Think Of You” set her in the right direction, and with two #1 songs on the Top Ten Network Caribbean Countdown for 15 consecutive weeks, she doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

Courtesy of Sasha Stoltz

Humble beginnings

K-Victoria got her start in the music industry during her second year in college. She collaborated with a childhood friend and producer on her first song, “Concoction” featuring Pressure; she noted that her favorite song she has made, however, is “Apology.”

“I’m most secure in “Apology” because it was heartfelt, I loved the concept and I feel like it just flowed as a perfect song from beginning to end,” K-Victoria said.

Some of her biggest inspirations musically include Aaliyah, Mariah Carey, Brandy and Whitney Houston. In her personal life, her family played a large role in her musical background as well.

“My mom was a dancer, my grandfather played the piano, and my grandmother was a songwriter and wrote a song for Patti Labelle,” said K-Victoria. “The inspiration seemed innate, and it was just natural for me growing up to sing and create.”

Notable feats

Since her start, K-Victoria is now based in LA and has had many widely-received performances, some of which include the Toronto International Film Festival, Festival Hollywood North Gala and the Young Filmmaker’s Ball. She has opened for artists such as Wyclef John, Maxie Priest and Gyptian.

K-Victoria says one of her favorite performances was opening for Wyclef John. “It was about 20 minutes on stage, but I had amazing dancers and we matched the high energy of the crowd, which was amazing.”

As an artist, K-Victoria strives to be a strong role model for everyone, proving that “if you reach, you can achieve.” For those who also aspire to be in the music industry, K-Victoria says one of the most important things to remember is to be true to yourself.

“This is kind of a sentiment to what I said before: always be true to yourself,” said K-Victoria. “It is the sincerest way to be clear in your artistry, who you are as an artist, and to attract the right team, projects, inspiration, and opportunities.”

Courtesy of Sasha Stoltz

A bright future

For K-Victoria, the future is nothing far from creative and optimistic. She sees herself completing many performances, releasing new music and not stopping any time soon.

“The future looks amazing,” she said. “I see myself being creative on an optimum level musically, sharing with my audience, enjoying performances, promoting my Merch line: Mind Life Guap, and loving the process. I plan on putting out some more releases and definitely some creative surprises coming into 2023 and beyond.”

Check out K-Victoria’s new single “DJ MY BODY,” along with her other previous ones, on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. 

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