Kalyn Young Promotes Healthy Living as Entrepreneur of Naturally Phased


( ENSPIRE Lifestyle ) CEO Kalyn Young Shares Journey as Mother and Businesswoman Keeping Health at the Forefront

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Duchan

Kalyn Young has turned her lifestyle into a thriving business. Naturally Phased, LLC, is a Washington DC-based company that promotes holistic living through its wide range of naturally sourced products. Young hopes that her shop will offer the resources for people to balance and take control of their energy through any phase of their life.

Young is well acquainted with taking on a holistic approach to life. She grew up with sensitive skin and a strong allergy to nickel, leaving her with constant migraines throughout her teenage years. She quickly found that her only solution to this growing problem was to turn to natural foods, oils, and herbs. In 2012, Young gave birth to an eczema-prone daughter and resorted back to this all-natural approach to best help her situation.

Living a holistic lifestyle has shifted not only Young’s health but her mindset as well. The entrepreneur details her journey of creating products, running a business, and serving as a full-time mom, all while fulfilling her passion for wellness.

How has living a holistic lifestyle changed your outlook on life? What are its benefits?

Living a holistic lifestyle changed my outlook on life by allowing me to be in a more authentic space and in a positive mind frame for myself and my daughter. I have been able to open up a brick and mortar to provide a space for other creatives who want to share their products and work. The benefits of living a holistic lifestyle have opened my eyes to what is in the products that are on the market. I have even changed my eating habits to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

Can you describe what led you to start your own pop-up business? What has the entrepreneurial experience been like?

I started doing pop-ups to provide opportunities to other businesses to share their products and services with audiences they would not have been able to reach. I started Self Care Saturdays to provide an event for customers and vendors to meet and find ways to properly self-care and expand. The experience has been a combination of success and lessons learned. I was able to find various ways to grow my brand while planning the pop-ups. 

What has been the most rewarding aspect of your business endeavors? How do you see Naturally Phased evolving in the coming years?

The most rewarding aspect of my endeavors is seeing my daughter grow and learn. She is hands-on within the business as well. Wanting to show her that anything can be accomplished makes it more rewarding. I see my business evolving and growing more. Having opened a space lets me know this is just the beginning. As I create more products and provide more services, I hope to teach others how to create and find a passion as well. 

For more information about Young’s business, visit naturallyphased.com.