Ki Williams Combines Passion For Writing and Activism As Dedicated CEO


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) The Fiction Author and Entrepreneur Shares Her Voice While Supporting Community Members

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Duchan

Kilene “Ki” Williams is making waves in the publishing industry with her passion for writing and never-ending creativity. The successful fiction author is the CEO of Bleeding Ink Creatives and Ocean View Promotions, using her business platform to empower independent authors, increase their exposure, and support small businesses that seek to better serve their communities. With over fifteen years of experience in the industry, Williams is driven by the impact she has on others and a passion for sharing her voice.

Williams’ interest in writing took root at a young age, as she recalls feeling inspired by the insights from her mother, who was an English teacher. After securing a Bachelor of Science in Health Services and a Graduate degree in Business, Williams was encouraged to approach authorship from an entrepreneurial angle. Thus spurred William’s initiative to create Bleeding Ink Creatives, where she supports non-profit organizations that seek to better serve their communities, and Ocean View Promotions, where she helps independent authors gain publicity. Through offering grant contract management, program development, collaboration referrals, and beta reading, Williams’ work sustains other businesses’ aspirations as well as her own. She has also dedicated ample time to helping youth through social work, as well as the greater community as a wedding officiant and notary for Florida.

Throughout her many social activism endeavors, William’s passion for writing has remained at the forefront. Her acclaimed novel, I Am My Sister’s Keeper, tackles themes of love, trust, and overcoming challenges through the unbreakable bond of sisterhood between main characters Victoria, Sade, Cher, and Rae. “I didn’t grow up with biological sisters, [but] I was blessed with a few true sister-friends in life,” explains Williams. “I believe that love is a choice. I Am My Sister’s Keeper shows how sisterhood is not only defined by DNA.”

For the female CEO of color, entrepreneurship has been a journey of discovery, requiring steadfast commitment and appreciation for her own talents. In the coming years, Williams hopes to see her bookshelves grow more and more filled with her unique forms of storytelling, while also building deeper partnerships with other businesses and her community. “Knowing that I have the opportunity to be a part of enacting positive change in the lives of the youth, families, and professionals I work with [has been the most rewarding part],” declares Williams. “Never forget, you are your greatest asset!” 

I Am My Sister’s Keeper is available for purchase in stores including Barnes and Noble, Lulu, and Amazon.