Kenya Sheats’ New Memoir “100 Sheats” Offers Light in Dark Times


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Self-Published Author Kenya Sheats Hopes To Uplift and Empower Readers Through Her New Story of Faith 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Adriana Georgiades 

As the world battles the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, there is perhaps no better time for the release of Kenya Sheats’ self-published memoir “100 Sheats”, an inspiring guide on turning pain into purpose. Based on the grief Sheats experienced following a life-threatening fall, the tragic murder of a close friend, and the faith in God that helped her through it all, the novel guides readers in navigating the trials and tribulations of their own lives.  

Apart from being an author, Sheats is also a celebrity journalist, entrepreneur, publicist, mentor, founder of MyWay Magazine, and creator of Skin God Products. I sat down with the “Jade of all Trades” to discuss Kenya Sheats’ illustrious career, the significance of her faith, and the purpose of her book. 

What do you hope for readers to gain from reading your book?

I hope readers will learn that with God all things are possible and that with his love, grace, and mercy, you can overcome the hardest challenges and experience new life.

Would you say writing the book was a cathartic experience for you?

I always say that writing is my therapy, and writing #100SHEATS, an inspirational memoir expressing God’s love through vulnerability, was definitely therapeutic. I healed throughout the entire writing process simply because I was able to identify, acknowledge, and take responsibility for my actions, which led me to self-forgiveness. Then it led me to forgive others, which helped to free me from old baggage. I felt so liberated and refreshed once it was all said and done.

Your message of “turning pain into purpose” is all the more relevant in today’s pandemic. What advice do you have for others looking to do the same?

Oftentimes your greatest ideas come from when you’re in pain and/or facing some type of adversary. So when you are going through it, it’s best to channel that energy and turn it into something productive. Like Mary J. Blige for instance. Her greatest hits or albums were birthed out of her brokenness and she used that hurt as fuel to push her towards greatness. 

I know for myself, I just like to tune out the rest of the world and focus on what brings me peace and happiness, and that’s me being creative. Since I’ve experienced dark or hard times, I’ve been able to conceptualize a faith-based online publication by the name of MyWay Magazine #WritingForBj. I started a handcrafted, creative gel candle line, skincare product, and I recently self-published a book. I’ve even lost weight due to exercise and am no longer settling with the unmotivated person I was.

Pain brings about change, and in this day and time, change is good–for the better that is.

What does being a writer mean to you?

Being a writer to me means I get to use my God-given gift/talent as an artistic expression to communicate with myself and others in hopes of uplifting, educating, and inspiring them.

When I write, it’s with purpose. Even my personal journal entries could be used as mini devotionals to encourage people to get through their day or hard times. 

Most of my pieces are love letters to God and I believe he uses me to express that same love to everyone else who needs it, knowing we all do. And no matter if it’s verbal or written, my message is pretty clear and it remains the same. 

What are some of the highlights of your career?

I have many highlights in my career because I’m more than just an author. I’m also a ghostwriter, journalist, and celebrity publicist. However, it’s the impact and reaction of my writing for me or the conversations I have. So many people call me a “Gem Dropper” but I just love to use my voice to spread hope and light, which is what I do when I write as well. 

Just to know people hire me to write their vision and embody their voice or to create a captivating story angle, press release, or professional bio is fulfilling. In so many ways I help people bring their vision to life using words that are evergreen. 

How would you describe the overall message of the book?

The overall message is to love God and yourself. To have hope, to overcome anxiety, and allow life and its circumstances to transform your mind, body, soul, and spirit for the better. Lastly, to become successful by doing what you love, which is oftentimes what God called you to do. 

Not to mention, the word SHEATS is actually a play on my last name and it’s also an acronym for Self-Love, Hope, Entrepreneurship, Anxiety, Transformation, and Success, which are the chapter titles in my book.

Readers can expect to receive contagious inspiration, original stories, two weeks of devotionals, journal entry space, motivational bible verses, empowering affirmations, wisdom, and more.

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