Sharena Loggins Shares Tools Of Manifestation And Finds Success


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Born From Strife, Sharena Loggins’ The Regal Phoenix Prospers Through Spiritual Alignment 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Aishwarya Suresh

After the birth of her daughter and experiencing a high-risk pregnancy and postpartum depression, Sharena Loggins found healing as she built The Regal Phoenix into the six-figure online business it is now. From its launch on her daughter’s first birthday to its exponential growth with Pinterest popularity in 2019, Loggins and The Regal Phoenix have found success in alignment and the power of manifestation. Originally working in real estate, Loggins decided that her love for healing crystals should spearhead a project which would eventually include gemstones, jewelry, candles, apparel, and metaphysical supplies.

Even during some of the most difficult and challenging times, “rock bottom season,” as Loggins explains it, the desire to buy and gift crystals to her loved ones always continued. There was a significant purpose for Loggins in helping those who were navigating personal healing processes and “exploring the metaphysical realm.” From this realization, Loggins found that guiding people to “recognize the healer inside” was the professional and personal path she was meant to take. 

Photo: Sharena Loggins

Created from growth and understanding, with a unifying message, it is no surprise that at the core of The Regal Phoenix is hope—hope that interested readers of their blog, customers, and passersby will see life’s lows as just a season. Loggins herself has implemented the use of crystal prescriptions and rituals during her experience with postpartum depression and also in losing 60 pounds and improving her financial security and confidence. From an understanding of what helped her, she now is returning to the field of manifestation with an array of similar crystal prescriptions for anxiety and weight loss, as well as fertility and a selection to help with lack of money, sleep, and more. 

The Regal Phoenix also provides a variety of “popular metaphysical supplies” that include many items such as pendulums, selenite cleansing and charging bars, Rose of Jericho, Abalone shells, and Palo Santo sticks. Customers can find a range of hand-poured Reiki-charged candles that are made by Loggins herself, having put time, intention, and energy into every candle to craft a unique one of a kind creation every time.  

Photo: Magic Boxes

Anyone new to the world of crystals, finding intention, and building sacred spaces should visit The Regal Phoenix website, and be sure to check out The Regal Phoenix Journal to learn how to use the different supplies and boxes designed by Loggins for specialized spiritual purposes.

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