Marci Zaroff on ECOlifestyle And ECOFashion Corp


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) ECOlifestyle Coach Marci Zaroff Discusses the Environmental Impacts of the Fashion Industry

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

ECOlifestyle revolutionary and founder of ECOFashion Corp Marci Zaroff is breaking boundaries in the ECOlifestyle world. Zaroff is a globally known ECOlifestyle expert dedicating time to educate, innovate, and raise awareness on the human and environmental impacts of the fashion industry. This was a problem Zaroff became privy to as she started her career in organic food and beauty. She found there was not enough awareness over the environmental impact of fiber, and she made it her goal to change that.

ECOFashion Corp is home to brands such as Metawear, Farm to Home, and Yes And. These brands include environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion outlets. Zaroff trademarked the word ECOFashion in 1985, and 30 years of entrepreneurship later, ECOFashion Corp was born. The idea was to show society that fashion and sustainability can coexist. ECOFashion Corp also gives everyone the opportunity and accessibility to be able to purchase this environmentally friendly clothing. 

This distinct fashion brand was a challenge to get started by Zaroff. Building the foundation for her business required a lot of sacrifices and scrappy ideas. However, Zaroff’s entrepreneurial experience has made it possible to keep everything going. Even now, when ECOFashion Corp is still in the process of launching several projects, Zaroff still has brands launching with unique identities and through different distribution platforms. 

Zaroff has also authored ECOrenaissance: Co-creating a Stylish, Sexy and Sustainable World, which launched in August 2018. This book goes over how to consume in a manner that does not negatively impact the environment while still keeping style and luxury in mind. The book includes tips on how to support eco-friendly brands and products. Zaroff hopes to get rid of the misconception that eco-friendly clothing is not stylish. 

“The ECOrenaissance is about no compromise. It’s not about giving anything up—it’s about getting more,” said Zaroff. 

To learn more about ECOlifestyle and ECOFashion Corp, you can visit their website at ECOFashion Corp. To purchase and explore ECOrenaissance order it in any major bookseller or through Zaroff’s website.