Precious Monét Plans Success with the Launch of Be Her Support Community


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Entrepreneur Shares Passions for Event Planning and Healthy Collaboration

ENSPIRE Contributor: Natalie Wong

Precious Monét is a driven, high-powered, skilled, and intelligent entrepreneur in Atlanta’s Event Planning and Business Coaching industries. Her company Pre Planning Management helps people and businesses succeed using efficient and reliable planning solutions that cater to every client’s needs. This March, Monét has launched the Be Her Support Community, a growing community of Women in Business who strive to build connections and uplift each other.

Monét has a diverse background in project management, human resources, event planning, and life coaching, and in every field or career she has pursued, she always found herself planning occasions. Monét used her expertise to start her own event management company, Pre Planning Management. Monét is a people person and loves planning because “it is such a joy to be a part of people’s most memorable moments. Creating a lasting impression on those that I have and will work with is such a good feeling.” Monét believes that whether it is company events, team building activities, or product launches, all roads lead to having special occasions.

It is no surprise that Pre Planning Management’s slogan is “You Think It, PrePlan It.” The company has offered its event planning and coaching services to corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. Monét has vast experience getting to know her clients and the impact of her events. “For example, with company holiday events you get to see employees in a different limelight. Grand openings, you get to see a person’s face full of excitement from starting a new adventure,” Monét says. The job is fulfilling, Monét adds, “as an event planner we get to see a lot of the behind-the-scenes emotions, so it’s always a good feeling to see your clients smile and enjoy themselves when they don’t even realize you’re looking.” Memorable moments are created when the client’s wants and needs are satisfied while making a lasting impression.

Monét’s love for helping other people succeed ties into her success. She is a proponent of healthy collaboration. “Healthy collaboration is being selfless. It’s not wanting anything in return, but it’s making the effort to connect with other people while networking and building each other up. Being on the same page and like-minded is key to healthy collaboration.”

Precious is proud of the authenticity her brand provides by connecting one-on-one with people, and especially connecting them with other useful professionals and resources. Monét is launching the Be Her Support Community just in time for Women’s History Month to uplift women in varying stages of their careers. The community It is a members-only network of Women in Business who understand unity, respect, and support. Members will receive an exclusive and enriching experience through workshops, events, and activities. The application process is set to open worldwide on Feb. 1st.

With the onset and persistence of the COVID-19 pandemic, Monét admits her company has been dealing with many challenges. “To be completely transparent, we shut down for a while and transitioned into virtual events. It’s not the same to not be able to connect with people in person.” Despite this, Monét is still keeping busy. She released her new 2021 monthly planner to offset some of our Event Planning Services. More than anything, Monét is grateful and blessed she gets to run her business, the “pandemic has definitely taught me to make things simpler and by doing so I’m excited to be able to expand Pre Planning Management into a commercial creative space this year.”

Precious Monét will always continue to pour her time and skills to impact others. She prides herself on being her own boss and hopes she can spread her positivity to others. In difficult times, Monét found herself expanding and adapting her business to fit her own needs and interests and connect with other women who feel similarly.

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