Black-Owned Premium Cognac Brand Nyak Joins Forces with Multi-Platinum Recording Artist Young M.A

Young M.A w/ Nyak Cognac.

( ENSPIRE Feature ) NYAK Cognac Is Proud To Announce That They Have Partnered With Famed Rapper And Entrepreneur Young M.A.

ENSPIRE Contributor: Re’Dreyona Walker

Business Mogul and CEO of Detroit Equities Dennis McKinley, Former VP for Remy Cointreau Patrick Charpentier and former EVP Jerome Hyafil for Seagram’s Spirits and Wines announce their partnership and the launch of premium cognac brand Nyak Cognac.

This was a smart move—because the visionaries collectively have a strong background in marketing, management, business strategy and communications as well as expert cognac blending. Charpentier and Hyafil are founding partners of Brickell Wines LLC., owner and importer of Secret Vines—a French high-quality wine for everyday consumption. Combined, they have over 70 years of experience in the premium spirits business and can be credited with contributing to the reinvention of the imported wine business in the US.

Photo: The official Nyak Cognac brand logo

NYAK is marketed to be a premium cognac brand redefining the everlasting taste experience of a smooth, premium, yet affordable cognac. The NYAK brand came into conception during a time when Cognac houses in France realized the consumption in the U.S. was drifting away from its tradition of a digestive toward a more casual, fun-loving, and informal approach. Simultaneously, the African-American community was making monumental breakthroughs in pop culture, which sparked a major influence for the NYAK brand. Many aspects of this shift in American culture can be attributed to the birth of the NYAK brand.

NYAK’s initial national rollout will be expansive and include Florida, Texas, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Delaware and Connecticut. NYAK is proud to announce that they have aligned with famed rapper and entrepreneur Young M.A. Young M.A represents the culture, and Nyak aspires to have the same global impact with their brand as Young M.A does with her music. The NYAK brand is featured in Young M.A.’s current video release for her single “Successful” which is currently streaming on all video platforms.

Photo: Young M.A returned with a brand new single titled “Off The Yak” in February 2021 before the official announcement of her partnership with Nyak Cognac

McKinley states “Nyak is premium cognac—and the culture loves cognac. We want to connect the Nyak brand to change agents in the culture…the artists who push the needle and drive our culture with their innovative artistry. Our collaboration with Young M.A will be the first of many as we keep our finger on the pulse of what and who is shaping culture and lifestyle.”

NYAK is also launching the Celebrate Success Artist Series. Kicking off the inaugural campaign will be a salute to Young M.A. The Celebrate Success Artist Series will feature the most dynamic, talented, free-thinking musicians, singers and emcees. The series will include live performances, exclusive video content and original social media visuals. 

To learn more, you may visit the official Nyak Cognac website and Instagram page.

SOURCE: Nyak Cognac