Ifueko Igbinovia’s Innovative YouTube Channel Helps Creatives Rediscover Being Eccentric


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Corporate Publicist to Content Creator, Ifueko Igbinovia Shows People It’s Okay To Organically Be Themselves 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Michelle Bolden

Ifueko Igbinovia creates a safe space for viewers to revel in their eccentricity with her YouTube channel “Living In My Mind”. On the channel, Igbinovia shares content centering on entertaining reviews, tutorials, discussions, and an authentic depiction of a young woman comfortable within herself.

Beginning her channel in 2018, Igbinovia was on a mission to provide viewers with a transparent and authentic depiction of a young woman living her life and making life decisions by conversing with herself. “Everyone talks to themselves but some are uncomfortable about it,” she explains. “I just want people to know it is okay to be yourself. Living in my mind is living in my world.”

Visitors who frequent her channel will find that within her YouTube community, Igbinovia uses the mantra #JudgeMeAnyways, which she states, is inspired by a song called “Up Up And Away”  by one of her favorite artists, Kid Cudi. “It is pretty much saying might as well be yourself and do you because whoever you turn out to be you will get judged one way or the other lol I love that because it is true,” she explains.

Although Igbinovia now spends more time creating content for her page and building her community from when she got her start in radio while she was attending college. She served as a radio personality for ClubZone FM, worked for Universal Motown Records, and eventually began a career in freelance Public Relations. Being able to polish her skills in interviewing, holding conversations, and building business relationships, she explains that this was an exciting time and fun experience that she’s been blessed to have.

She thoroughly enjoyed her time as a publicist stating that it was fun and exciting work. She gained multiple clients and would create lasting relationships in the industry with her authenticity and relatability. Igbinovia found the work rewarding stating, “When you really believe in your client and you see them win because you worked so hard for them is a beautiful feeling but after a while, you feel like everything you’re doing is for other people and not yourself.” She continues, “The relationship you create is the best thing about PR…you learn much more about what others in the industry do. It teaches you a lot and once mastered can help you in any form of entertainment.”

Igbinovia now focuses on building an authentic relationship with her viewership on YouTube. Within her community space, she encourages people to be themselves and embrace all that makes them unique. She explains that in creating this safe space for viewers when they visit her channel and watch her openly speak to herself or inanimate objects, “I’m hoping they receive a sense of comfort in knowing I’m sharing what is eccentric about me. YouTube has helped me be able to put my ideas and videos on a platform to share.” 

Igbinovia states that getting to a place of being comfortable within herself and not feeling the need to live up to others’ expectations took a lot of growth. “Getting older and not giving certain situations or people the same energy you used to…You realize the more important things in life like your health, people whom you love vice versa, and you just stay focused on that. That’s what happened to me.”

Future forward, Igbinovia plans to focus on building her following and states, “as for what is coming on my channel, well you will just have to wait and see but a lot is what I will say.” You can follow Igbinovia on Youtube.com and Instagram.