Natasha Lee and Colleagues Launch Small Business Project


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Business Professionals Natasha Lee, Dr. Sabrina Jackson, Bigg Vonn, and Latoya Early Announce Business Project to Help Entrepreneurs Launch and Expand.

ENSPIRE Contributor: Kaleigh Gabriel

Natasha Lee, one-quarter of the executive team starting the Small Business Project, is an international award-winning businesswoman and engineer. Teaming up with three other business greats, Lee has worked to establish a project that will provide mentorship and business connections to starting businesses. 

Starting in 2006, following graduation from Lawrence Tech University, Lee launched her own company, Make Your Dreams Come True, and continues to work tirelessly as CEO and a business consultant. From a call center located in her brother’s basement to a booming business with a wide online presence and many corporate partners. Lee has been featured in many featurettes for FOX News and Women’s Essence Magazine for her continuous work supporting small businesses. 

What prompted you to begin the Small Businesses Project? 

My desire wants to see others’ dreams come true. Over the last decade, I have crafted and facilitated countless workshops, seminars, and events for the sole purpose of wanting to see others use their talents to the fullest extent. Furthermore, I have a genuine concern about how minorities are taught to build their companies, oftentimes not given a real opportunity to develop a strong business foundation, equip my clients and aspiring business owners with every resource to build their business from conception to reality. Also, I’ve attended many networking events for aspiring business owners, which I believe are essential to the growth of entrepreneurs. However, facilitators fall short when they only teach and do not execute.  Participants attend these networking events with a ton of information and contacts on how to start a business or create their dream career.  However, 85% of the time there is no one willing to help them execute their goals. Therefore I designed the Small Business Project, alongside a team of experts who are thinkers and doers like myself, Dr. Sabrina Jackson, The People Expert, Latoya Early, The Millionaire Coach and Founder of Chase Great and Big Vonn, Grammy Award Winning Producer.  

Was there a specific moment or event that sparked the beginning of this project? 

We receive countless emails, inboxes, DM’s of business owners, creators, and simply dreamers with queries of “How do I start or scale-up questions.” I just felt the industry of educating startups and building brands needed a facelift and that one that includes helping them execute.

What talents/skills/knowledge do you hope to impart upon businesses that you will help? 

We not only plan to instill our skills and knowledge, but we will give them an opportunity to evolve into their wildest dreams. The packages not only include one on one consultations and coaching, but participants will have a fully established and running business and brand when they complete they are finished working with our team. We are calling all aspirers to the table as aforementioned. We can and we will make their dreams a reality. Participants can expect a full execution strategy that will gain them a fully operative company. 

In relation to aspiring Small Business Owners, they can expect to walk away with their business name incorporated in their state,  any licenses filed, a logo, website, social media presences, pos system, business tools to continuously operate, and one coaching. In relation to NonProfits- participants will walk away with dynamic training but fully established and active nonprofit organizations and resources for grants. In relation to aspiring musicians and entertainers, they will walk away with a full brand and direct access to the music industry. We are thrilled about this initiative and the impact that it will have on our participants.

What progress do you hope to see made in the Business sphere as this project goes on?

I hope to see 100 sustainable brands and businesses empowering their communities with their service offers, products, and/or talent. 

Knowing what you know now and all the expertise you have gained, what would you say to your past self just starting out?

Be persistent and consistent in your dreams despite who believes in them. Establish great personal and business credit (this was my personal biggest challenge), pursue investors, there are people who want to help you evolve. Keep your really big dreams to yourself until they come to fruition. 

Lee and her colleagues continue to inspire and encourage entrepreneurs, whether they are just starting out or have caught a snag in their progress. For more information on the Small Business Project, visit their website.