Pioneer of Inspirational Soul Artist Alvin Garrett Released New Project All About Love


( ENSPIRE Music ) Alvin Garrett Returns With New Single “My Gift To You” and Album The Lightness of Love for Others to Enjoy Soul Music 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Octavia Johnson

Inspirational soul artist Alvin Garrett is known for most songs that involve 20 years of diverse experience in the entertainment industry with the common thread of hope and inspiration. The artist is related to the title of Pioneer of Inspirational Soul due to his inspiring words behind hits from gospel groups, such as Trin-I-Tee 5:7 and Gospel Chart-topper “Patiently Praising” by Lowell Pye. Now, Alvin released his new project all about love, The Lightness of Love, debuting his single “My Gift To You.” This project will inspire those to get back to life and get back to loving life and those around them. 

According to the press release, Alvin said, “I absolutely love to motivate and encourage people by showing them how to use the power of words and music to sculpt their future.” Please see ENSPIRE’s interview with Alvin on his road to becoming a multi-genre artist and his new album, The Lightness of Love, and single, “My Gift To You.” 

Describe your journey about becoming a music artist of not just one but multiple genres.

Growing up as a preacher’s kid in Tuscaloosa, AL, I was greatly influenced by Quartet Gospel music. Luckily, my dad was one of those cool pastors that allowed and encouraged me to listen to jazz, funk, soul, and other “clean” or “love” music. I just wasn’t allowed to listen to any vulgar music. So as a writer and an artist, I’ve found myself blending those elements and principles into my art. 

As a pioneer of inspirational soul, what was your creative process like? Do you pass on your knowledge to other artists? 

People have always tried to force me to choose either the R&B or Gospel genre to define myself. So to settle the debate, I started defining my sound as “Inspirational Soul,” which is a marriage of the two genres. For example, I wrote an R&B song for Joe called “I’d Rather Have a Love” based on Proverbs 18:22 which talks about finding a wife. I always encourage other artists and writers to consider the accountability of art, and use the power of the pen to uplift and inspire as well as entertain. 

How has music changed over the course of you being in the music industry?

Of course, the style of music has evolved over my 20 years of being in the business. In my opinion, the most impactful change has been the distribution of music. Streaming has caused an almost total overhaul of all aspects of the industry. I still like having CDs on hand though. Lol. Call me an old soul. 

How’s the process of the project, The Lightness of Love? What’s the story behind the name? 

Somehow, during the most horrible year of our lifetime, I was able to find joy. Through meditation, gratitude for family, and life itself, I found The Lightness of Love. First, It was a feeling, and I decided to translate it into music…light and loving music. 

What was the inspiration behind your single “My Gift To You?” 

This song is Alvin Garrett. I’m a simple southern gentleman, and I believe the best gift you can give is your heart. I just wanted to write a song that was grown and sexy that makes the listeners feel treasured.

Whether it’s R&B, Gospel, Pop, or Jazz, Alvin inspirational fingerprint is recognized in all his music and business endeavors. To keep up with updates from Alvin, please visit his social media on Facebook and Instagram. Visit to get connected with him.