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( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Darci Collins Uses Her Own Experiences to Help Others By Founding Spectrum Wellness Solutions

ENSPIRE Contributor: Keegan Kerns

In 2020, Darci Collins, alongside co-founder Linda Talamo, created Spectrum Wellness Solutions in Irvine, California in order to give people more targeted treatment for a broader variety of conditions. Using her own knowledge of the industry from her experience as a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, Darci Collins could transform Spectrum Wellness Solutions into an innovative facility. As of now, Spectrum Wellness Solutions uses a wide variety of state-of-the-art technology including Red Light Therapy, Celluma, Healy, and Qest, all to help with a variety of conditions. 

Darci Collins has used her own personal journey to learn about some of the best ways to increase wellness. She learned the importance of health and wellness early when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, inspiring her to stay healthy as well as help others around her. Similarly, after taking a stressful job in the financial industry and developing a stress-related condition because of it, Darci could learn from the experience and move into the health and wellness industry, where she could help others and lead a healthier life herself.

ENSPIRE was able to ask Ms. Collins some questions about her professional journey and her work at Spectrum Wellness Solutions.

You previously had a highly stressful job in the financial industry before founding Spectrum Wellness Solutions. What made you realize that wasn’t the lifestyle you wanted to pursue, and how would you recommend others begin to manage stress in similar jobs?   

During my financial industry career, I felt a lot of pressure to be flawless and to be a high producer performing at an incredibly high capacity, month after month. The inability to be authentic was out of alignment with my belief system. I am much more comfortable in an environment where you can build authentic relationships that center around helping others to succeed, not just focusing on your own success.  At my wellness center, I am not successful unless my clients are successful at reaching their goals. My focus is not on my own success. My focus is helping people become the best version of themselves, which often includes supporting mental health, losing weight/getting fit, reducing inflammation and increasing energy.  When they have a better quality of life, I am fulfilling my purpose and there is no greater satisfaction. I would encourage anyone who is not fulfilled in their current situation to explore ways to fulfill your calling, even if it is volunteering a few hours a week in an area of life that appeals to you.  You never know where it may lead.  I am also a big advocate of self-care.  Take care of your emotional and physical health.  If you need help, find a practitioner who can help support your body mentally and physically – make sure they are well trained on supporting the gut – brain connection. If they are not, give me a call ?

After leaving the financial industry, you received education for a role as a functional nutritional therapy practitioner. Could you explain to our readers what information and experience this education and job imparts, and how did it prepare you for building Spectrum Wellness Solutions? 

Due to the stress of my previous lifestyle, I became very sick and had many physical symptoms that I did not know were related to lifestyle stress. Once I realized the source of my symptoms, I walked away from the financial industry and began studying everything I could to help my body, mind and spirit heal. I began studying nutritional therapy and then continued my education in neurological and gastrointestinal post graduate courses. As I was learning how to heal myself, I kept thinking, “Everyone needs to know this information!”. I became fascinated with the gut brain and central nervous system axis which affects every aspect of our function, thinking and feeling.  Learning how to support and heal the gut greatly affects mental and emotional health, not just digestive issues. My studies and my own personal experience prepared me to help women address all of the issues that affect us in our modern world. New science has proven that we have the resources to substantially impact our behavior as well as how we feel both emotionally and physically by adjusting our lifestyle habits. I have seen complete transformations in women who were once depressed, overweight and depleted of energy.  They have become vibrant, energetic and joyful.

You launched Spectrum Wellness Solutions at the Hera Hub Irvine in 2020 in a collaboration with Linda Talamo. What has it been like to work with her?  

My business partner, Linda Talamo, and I both had health crises that led us through years of health education and lifestyle adjustments as we sought to heal. I came to Hera Hub to build my online coaching program and Linda was helping to develop women in business.  When we realized our common passion to invest in women, we developed a wellness center that has become a dynamic hub for personal growth and holistic wellbeing. We have a community of like-minded leaders who align with our beliefs and passions. Linda excels at helping women develop their business potential while I support them in their wellness journey.  Our business and wellness skillsets overlap in many ways and this enhances our ability to help women meet their goals.

Additionally, any entrepreneurial experience can be risky or simply scary to attempt. How did you find the strength and courage to go out and create Spectrum Wellness Solutions, and what tips would you recommend for other entrepreneurs? 

Linda and I were both so excited and passionate about working together to help women reach their potential that we didn’t stop long enough to get scared ? even when the world shut down in 2020.  Even though the timing made the process more challenging, Linda and I had built successful businesses before and knew the power of surrounding ourselves with a like-minded and capable team. We used our past experiences to create an environment that helps women to feel safe and cared for while giving them the space they need to take responsibility for their own growth and success. We stepped out on faith and with the conviction that there is a great need for women to feel supported and encouraged through whatever growth process they find themselves in – whether it is starting a new career, expanding a successful business or getting their health back on track. I recommend women find like-minded networks of women who can help them reach their full potential and will celebrate their victories along the way. We are better together.

Spectrum Wellness Solutions focuses both on a broad spectrum of health issues, whether mental or physical, as well as always using state-of-the-art technology such as light, energy, and frequency treatment techniques, among others. How do you keep on top of such advancements, and what motivates you to do so? 

My own journey placed me in state-of-the-art facilities that were known for their leadership and willingness to step into new and exciting growth areas in neurological and lifestyle therapies.  Continuing education has been essential and it has been exciting to be trained by thought leaders in the areas of mental and physical wellness.  There is so much to learn and Linda and I will never “know it all” but we have fun keeping up with the science and new technologies – trying much of it ourselves so we can practice what we preach! We are always open to new and innovative ways to get our clients to their goals and we (and our families) get to personally benefit from the new information and technologies as we learn how to help women stay fit and feel great.  Applying energy, frequencies and new scientific breakthroughs in wellness keep us at the forefront of health and wellness but the most important impact we have is that our clients love their results. That says it all!

Darci Collins with Spectrum Wellness Solutions Co-Founder Linda Talamo

With the motivation to improve people’s health and mentality, Darci Collins has made incredible strides to provide great care for individuals at Spectrum Wellness Solutions. She has used her own deeply personal experiences to understand what is most beneficial in these situations, whether it’s working on diet, fitness, mental health, or the many other therapies the company provides. Alongside her experience as a functional nutritional therapy practitioner, she’s been able to create a small sanctuary where people can relax and focus on their health, which is an especially important service in the stressful times of the pandemic.  

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