Fredrick Scott Donates First $1,000 In Podcast’s #Learn2Earn Cash Giveaway

Fredrick D. Scott

( ENSPIRE Feature ) Fredrick Scott Encourages Community Involvement With His Monthly Cash Giveaway

ENSPIRE Contributor: Keegan Kerns

Although Fredrick Scott is well known for his exceptional success as a businessman, he is now expanding his presence as a philanthropist with his creation of the #Learn2Earn Cash Giveaway. Being one of the youngest hedge fund founders in history, Fredrick Scott has almost always possessed a deep knowledge of finance, allowing him to become the CEO of the Scott Family Office International Investment firm. Yet without proper education, financial literacy and economic stability become difficult, especially in disenfranchised communities of color. Mr. Scott set out to address this problem by seeking to educate more individuals on financial literacy, business development tactics, as well as providing financial support. 

One of the best examples of Fredrick Scott’s outreach is his #GetRealWoke Podcast, in which he discusses a wide variety of financial topics, whether it ranges from the difficulties of starting one’s own business or smaller but just as important topics like credit health. These discussions help spread information around important financial issues for every figure in the community and are especially important in these communities as a way for them to grow their own businesses and feel safer financially. In addition, his podcast is used as a monthly platform for the #Learn2Earn Cash Giveaway, in which members of the community vote together on which month’s participants should receive $1,000 dollars in order to grow their business.

#Learn2Earn Cash Giveaway

An important part of both Fredrick Scott’s #GetRealWoke Podcast and his #Learn2Earn Cash Giveaway is the emphasis on community involvement and education. For example, as mentioned above, with the Learn2Earn giveaway the entire community listening to the episode can hear the pitches and ideas of other community members for their businesses and use that to not only inspire their own ideas but also learn about what’s going on in their community. The financial education that Fredrick Scott provides via these podcasts and giveaways helps give each community the tools needed in order for them to create their own opportunities and reach higher levels of financial stability, creating a cycle where more and more people and generations can prosper. 

It’s no secret that due to a large range of biases and issues, African-Americans have been underrepresented as business owners. However, Fredrick Scott’s efforts are doing a lot of work to even the playing field, whether it’s donating directly to up-and-coming business owners as Cash Giveaways or providing a source of information so that everyone can have access to education on a wide variety of issues relating to financial literacy. With his own personal success as a businessman, it’s fantastic to see Fredrick Scott giving back to the community and providing others the tools to similarly succeed as entrepreneurs. You can find more information on Fredrick and his initiatives on his website, Instagram, or by visiting his #GetRealWoke Podcast.

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