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( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) ICrushGoals Is Showing Us How to Create A Global Movement That Influences Positivity

ENSPIRE Contributor: Rawlonda Arthur

ICrushGoals Universe is a motivational group that is encouraged to be bold and fierce with their successes and goals in life regardless of how big are small they are. In the (iCrushGoals) Universe, those crushing their goals, regardless of how small or large, are celebrated and encouraged to uphold the control and ability to accept room for growth and help along their journey. They have over one hundred members and are growing continuously while spreading positivity. Even while facing a pandemic like none other, members of this organization have been breaking barriers and stereotypes. 

This International Women’s Day, three important faces of the group held a conference to shed light on the theme “Choose to Challenge” and reflect on it through their achievements and experiences. Their message is always to celebrate yourself, even if it is something small because a small win paves the way for an epic win to come through. These three empowered women go by the names of Lisa George, Taneisha Ramsay, and Sandra Chaney. Their stories are motivation and encouragement to show listeners it is okay not to have it all together but to keep pushing and celebrate the little accomplishments too.

ENSPIRE Magazine asked ICrushGoals Universe a few questions for our readers.

What would you say is the reason/motivation to wake up every day and try?

Lisa: I’m walking in my calling and living the life that I worked hard to create. I’m often quite excited about my current space and ongoing creations, so I look forward to getting to them. On days when I, mentally, falter, I remind myself that I am still here, which means that I have more to do and I want to get to them.

Gissele: My reason is the hunger for leaving a legacy and impacting the world.

Kelly: I wake up every day to not only help myself but to help others around me. You must remember if you don’t try, you will never know.

When you were extremely down, what were some hobbies or activities that you did to change your mood?

Lisa: I believe in going there but not staying there, so I allow my body to be there as long as it needs to. And then I turn to dance, sing, watch light movies, exercise, puzzling, go somewhere that I’ve never been to (I have a running list), and talk to others who will let me be vulnerable. Also, cleaning is therapeutic to me, so sometimes I will do that.  

Gissele: When I was down, doing activities with my kids changed my mood because I had to be very present and not think of the circumstances. 

Kelly: Exercise is the best medication you can prescribe to yourself, and it’s free. When your body is looked after, your mind is looked after too. I also got used to enjoying/loving my own company–take yourself on a date to spoil yourself.

What words of encouragement would you give to someone who is about to give up and call it quits?

Lisa: My words would be specific to the individual and their scenario. Their reasons and where they ‘are’ would guide me. Generally, I believe those feelings come to test us, and we are built to triumph over tests, so consider that and beast on according to your soul’s guidance.

Gissele: I would remind them that being down is hard and being successful is hard. You pick your hard! 

Kelly: Success could be around the next corner, so you will never know if you give up now. If you keep going, you will not only reach it but learn so much on the journey. Keep going.

How does it feel to look back at where you came from and where you are now?

Lisa: It makes me smile a lot!! I am very proud of my journey and have stayed the course. It wasn’t always easy, and I often walked a solo journey because I am on MY LIFE MISSION. I’m very much in love with my life.

Gissele: It feels amazing to think I always had the solution, but I didn’t understand the formula! And the formula is being ME and following my passion!!! 

Kelly: It feels fantastic. What I achieved and what I know from being on the other side to where I am now. When things aren’t good, ask yourself, “what can I learn from this” so I don’t end up back here. Onwards and upwards from that moment.

What is the next big goal on your list to check off?

Lisa: I am checking off some exciting big goals now, and they will be revealed in due time.  

Gissele: My next big goal is to hit the last rank in my company and be a part of a Hollywood movie!

Kelly: My next big goal is to impact as many people as possible, show them their worth, tell them they can get what they want, and then spread this amazing sense of living to more people. I want us all to do what we came here for.

How do you see your life five years from now?

Lisa: This question made me smile. Even happier, healthier, more financially set, enjoying more reciprocal friendships, enjoying my manifestations, impacting more widely, bolder, and everything in between.  ☺

Gissele: Impacting more women worldwide, being a Senior Executive Director, and having a successful TV SHOW.  

Kelly: I see myself impacting more and more people and lifting them to a level where they are unstoppable. When you are happy and confident in life, you want everyone else on that journey with you, and that is what I intend to do.

How does the iCrushGoals Universe movement spread messages and advocate for change?

Lisa: One of my fiercest heartbeats is the iCG (iCrushGoals) Universe, where iCGions are crushing their goals and celebrated NONSTOP!! I find it problematic that there is an expectation to humble ourselves to the point where we may not remember that we spread light and ARE LIGHT. My goal is to encourage billions to remember who they are and part of that by celebrating small wins.  

Individually, these wins may not seem like much, but the only way to climb a mountain is through the steps. I’m begging others to celebrate each step as self-motivation and self-recognition. In our Universe, the continuous creation of small AND/OR micro wins are encouraged as they lead to GRAND/EPIC goal attainment ~ they lead to things that look like magic ~ as if one is riding air. The iCG Universe is a safe space where individuals can celebrate themselves as often as they choose and connect these individuals to others doing the same.  

We are each strong by ourselves but forces when we stand together. Gissele and Kelly and just two of the almost 100 individuals in the group, and you see how amazing they are!! Together we have done and are doing amazing things with some grand goals being undertaken. #AirRiders #WeCrushGoals #ItLooksLikeMagic #ItAintMagic #TheWorkWorks

As part of the ICrushGoals group, these ICGions are crushing their goals despite the condition of the pandemic-ridden world. All three survivors had their lows, only to use their negative energy for a positive change. Lisa, the founder of iCrushGoals Corp., is currently learning 13 languages and is a publicist, certified Les Brown motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and poet, to name a few. Taneisha is a two-time bestselling author, transformation speaker, coach, mother, and entrepreneur. Lastly, Sandra is a seven-time bestselling author, certified empowerment coach, certified Les Brown motivational speaker, mother, and nonprofit consultant.

Check out the ICrushGoals website here.

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