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ENSPIRE Contributor: Shelsea Deravil

More “lesser-known” fashion couturiers are receiving wider recognition for their clothing designs. One of these lesser-knowns includes Indian designer and visionary Dushyant Asthana, whose vibrant designs have entered the fashion mainstream. His clothing designs are highlighted in the second season of Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn’s ‘Making the Cut,’ which currently screens on Amazon Prime. This is the first time an Indian designer has been featured and revered in this wildly sought-after experience.

Dushyant’s passion for design developed when he was a child. He designed his own clothes and altered his father’s clothes from the 1960s and 70s as a child in his hometown Jaipur, India. However, India’s beautiful culture has always been Dushyant’s greatest muse, drawing from the vibrant colors, textiles, and art unique to his homeland.

Dushyant Asthana on the season two of “Making the Cut” / Courtesy of Amazon Studios Assets

When using traditional techniques to fabricate DUSHYANT. clothing, distinctive materials, and fabrics are hand-picked, created, and always hand-printed and hand-loomed in India. “For DUSHYANT., we work with handmade textiles and fabrics,” the fashion designer stated. “Each year, I spend two months in India and work with artisans to develop new textile patterns. We use traditional hand-block-printed and hand screen-printed textiles for our garments. It is a labor-intensive process, and the final product almost always exceeds my expectations!”

This meticulous crafting creates a unique garment style, a perfect one-of-a-kind experience that is rare and precious to each wearer. Dushyant’s designs have graced the red carpet of the Oscars. Stars like Big Hero 6 and “Titans” actor Ryan Potter, YouTube “Smosh” co-founder Anthony Padilla, Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Gustavo Galindo, actor T.J. Ramini, and Bollywood star Abhay Deol have worn them.

Starting DUSHYANT. was not a simple process. It took several trials and errors to get the fashion brand to its current striving state. “I started the brand when I was still working full-time, so I could not give it as much time in the first [three-four] seasons,” Dushyant said. “Initially, I was taking only custom orders from friends and friends of friends. It was 2018 when I launched my first ready-to-wear collection, and the brand as we know it today was born. I think every brand has to go through frequent changes. However, I am happy with where I am, and my brand is at this moment.”

Dushyant moved to the United States to study science at George Mason University in Virginia but eventually moved to Los Angeles. There, the fashion designer conceived his clothing brand DUSHYANT. Although he permanently made a move towards fashion, science was his first career. “I worked in Corporate America for over a decade before deciding to leave that career and life behind and take that leap to do what I love: fashion. I am happy to say that it was one of the best decisions I ever made,” Dushyant said.

Moving to the United States exposed Dushyant to a new culture and opportunities, specifically Fairfax, V.A. “It was good to move into [George Mason University] set-up as a new person in the country. It helped me understand the culture and make it my own.

“What I love about America is that we are a culture that allows people to experiment with our lives,” Dushyant added. “It is a uniquely American thing. In most other older cultures, there are a lot of societal boundaries that one must abide by. It is this freedom of expression and choice that propelled me to experiment with my life and my career.  And out of that, my brand DUSHYANT was born.” 

Today, many of Dushyant’s loved ones and colleagues live in India, where he often travels to visit, create, and explore. The resurgence of the coronavirus in April was devastating, and Dushyant is eager for his beloved country to heal and thrive again.

With an intense appreciation for the world around him, Dushyant has effortlessly integrated unconventional accents from his upbringing in the East with classic Western stylistic principles of his current American homeland. As a result, DUSHYANT. is clothing for a global audience.

Dushyant Asthana recently introduced his first women’s line with a colorful array of jumpsuits. He is currently working on an upcoming full women’s collection for the spring/summer of 2022. “The collection will have a lot of oversized silhouettes that exemplify the laid-back California lifestyle…I cannot wait to share it with the world!”

DUSHYANT Clothing is and can be worn by all people. ENSPIRE invites all people to visit DUSHYANT. and explore Dushyant Asthana’s world of art and fashionable creativity.

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