Brandon Corder of Beats x Beers, Legendary and Visionary Entertainment Entrepreneur

Photo: Brandon Corder

( ENSPIRE Feature ) Beats x Beers, the Ultimate Music Brand Bringing People Together

ENSPIRE Contributor: Devyn Petraglia

Brandon Corder is the definition of a visionary. He has created the ultimate brand bringing people together across cultures to experience something truly amazing. Brandon is a music producer who has worked with artists such as Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., and more. How he has expanded his brand Beats x Beers truly shows his determination and vision to create music centered on culture. Out of that comes something truly beautiful. He became an entrepreneur after starting in music production and created his very own brand that helps people across cultures. Beats x Beers featured many artists and eventually turned into a festival that everyone enjoyed. Now, the brand can be seen all around the world creating experiences that will last forever. At these events, you could meet so many artists including Megan Thee Stallion, Zaytoven, and Tee Grizzley. 

Outside of these amazing festivals, Beats x Beers also benefits events like the Flint water crisis, the Flint Children’s Home, breast cancer awareness, and COVID-19 relief. Brandon and Little Miss Flint worked together to provide school supplies and community support to over 250 families in Flint. He has continued to bring his community happiness and peace of mind through arts and entertainment. He even got inducted into the National Advertising Association’s Hall of Achievement. His brand has turned him into the ultimate people coordinator. These events put on by Beats x Beers are unique and diverse where any race, any age, and any culture will feel comfortable. 

Photo: Brandon Corder

ENSPIRE spoke with Brandon Corder about his brand Beats x Beers and his background in music.

How did you get started in the entertainment industry? 

My introduction to the entertainment industry was producing music. I started at 12 years of age and started taking it seriously around the age of 18. I produced music for Curren$y, Big K.R.I.T., VH1, MTV, et cetera. From producing music, I gained a lot of relationships with artists, companies, music executives, and influencers. I transitioned from being a music producer to building my own brand, Beats x Beers. The previous relationships I built as a producer made the transition easier. 

How did you know that music was your passion in life?

I never saw myself working in another industry. Whether it was as a producer, event curator, or any other side of the entertainment industry, it was the only thing I dreamt of doing and the only thing that didn’t feel like a “job.”

What motivated you to start Beats x Beers?

I always wanted my own platform. I never wanted to just be a music producer. I realized very early that I had a passion for creating these experiences, and I enjoyed marketing as well. I combined the two passions and created this platform that now has legs of its own.

Photo: Brandon Corder

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