The Rich Mindset of Designer, Sauce Rose


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Fashion Designer Sauce Rose Pushes Industry Boundaries

ENSPIRE Contributor: Bailey Chambers

Sauce Rose approaches fashion with a Rich Mindset. Rich Baby Born Rich, a Sauce Rose fashion line, was birthed from this mindset. RBBR and its message were inspired by and created in honor of Sauce Rose’s first son, Chizzy. Her designs are inspired by pushing boundaries and new possibilities. Through RBBR’s authenticity, there is an emphasis on education.

“I always try to incorporate education through my brand. So far, I’ve done back-to-school drives, donations, and book challenges to help encourage families to prioritize education,” said Sauce Rose. This innovative line has hoodies designed with imagination to improve the life of the wearer via inspiration to push personal and educational boundaries.

Rich Baby Born Rich kids have a rich mindset. Photo courtesy of RBBR.

“Looking fly and always being a student goes together. You shouldn’t have one without the other,” said Sauce Rose.

For RBBR, Rose is focused on highlighting new products that will help build up self-esteem and create a space for self-reflection and engagement with RBBR supporters.

RBBR has clothes for kids and adults. Photo courtesy of RBBR.

To check out the inspirational designs by Sauce Rose’s rich mindset, go to

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