Vioree Brandon, Widow Coach, Transforms the Lives of Widowed Women


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Widow Coach Manifests the Power of Identity for Women 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Bailey Chambers

Certified transformational widow coach, Vioree Brandon is also a two-time author. She has been on the CW, FOX, and WSFL-TV as host of Widowed and Winning TV. Brandon has been showcasing widowed entrepreneurs for ten years. “What’s most fulfilling is seeing women’s lives transformed.” Brandon finds fulfillment when she helps women transform from broken and confused to walking into their winning lifestyle. 

 Ultimately, Brandon hopes to continue to help women and men ‌see their true identity, walk in the fullness of their gifts and talent, and recognize that their life story has value. “My life’s purpose is to spark the fire of life back into people that feel like they have been walking dead for far too long,” said Brandon. “It keeps me busy, but ‌it keeps me impactful on many levels. It feels great knowing that I can reach people and help transform their lives through multiple platforms. It also has an amazing way of keeping me creative in all avenues,” said Brandon.

Vioree Brandon, Widow Coach, Photo Provided by The PR Alliance LLC

Her favorite career experience is from coaching a young widow who couldn’t admit to herself that she was a widow. Brandon said, “I noticed she identified as a mother, a wife, a businesswoman, a leader in her church, but never a widow… I asked her why, but she couldn’t tell me nor did she realize she never said it to anyone… By the fourth session, she told me a story of her going to church and someone asked her if she was married and she was able to identify herself as widowed without breaking down… That was her moment of coming to grips with the Power of Her Identity!”

Brandon’s work has inspired widows to become thriving entrepreneurs. In her two books, Brandon gets candid about her experiences growing up in foster care, experiencing abuse, becoming a widow, and her journey to feeling renewed.

Vioree Brandon Book Covers, Photo Provided by The PR Alliance LLC

Brandon will be a guest speaker at Camp Widow in Tampa, Florida from March 18-20. She is also airing on The CW and WSFL-TV highlighting widows via The Connect Network.

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