Society of Royals Partners With Celebrities & Influencers To Prevent Youth Suicide

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( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Houston-Based Non-Profit Society of Royals Asked Celebrities & Influencers To Write “Love Letters” To Encourage the Youth

ENSPIRE Contributor: Iris Michelsen

As the spring semester begins for students across the country, many have struggled with their mental health. The Covid-19 pandemic, besides the regular pressures of school, has caused students of all ages to feel isolated, fearful, and burned out. The Society of Royals, a Houston-based nonprofit, which teamed up with local schools to deliver encouraging letters to youth from elementary school to college has tackled this issue. These “Love Letters” are a part of the Society of Royals’ efforts to prevent youth suicides. The organization has involved several local celebrities and influencers to write the letters, which will be delivered on a weekly basis.

Houston-based rappers, Slim Thug and DJ XO, National Media Personality Ferrari Simmons, National Recording Artist & American Idol Finalist Vincent Powell, and Viral Sensation Reggie Couz are a few of the many people helping to support the youth. The content of these letters is heartfelt and personal. Some share advice, while others simply remind the youth of their value and worthiness.

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“It’s never as bad as it seems,” rapper Slim Thug wrote, “There are good days ahead of you. Life is like a rollercoaster, but you have to keep going.” In times like these, the value of community support cannot be overstated. However, the pandemic has made all of us more isolated than ever. The introduction of online learning has made it harder for students to develop and maintain relationships with their teachers and peers. Receiving these letters from well-respected members of their local community will remind the youth of their importance, and the potential their futures hold.

The program’s name, Love Letters, represents the Society of Royals’ commitment to uplift, motivate, and encourage the youth through words of love. “Who doesn’t love receiving a love letter?” said a Society of Royals’ representative, “When you get one, it makes you smile, it lifts you up.” Many of the organization’s initiatives work to reduce the suicide rate among 5-to-25-year-olds. The largest initiative, the IWILL program, educates others about the hardships youth are facing.

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The program is a 5-course curriculum that teaches the youth about building healthy relationships, self-esteem, suicide awareness, bullying, and social responsibility. This program supports students in building campaigns on their campuses to bring awareness to youth suicide. Society of Royals also offers a scholarship initiative through its Fine Arts program, which allows youth to express themselves through the arts, gain access to opportunities to win scholarships, and discover mentorships in their areas of interest.

Society of Royals’ Love Letters program will help students preserve their motivation as they navigate new and challenging situations. Youth today are facing a world of growing global crises. Many are overwhelmed with the enormity of the problems they are witnessing, which are increasingly affecting their mental health.

Courtesy of Society of Royals

The pandemic is just one of many major world events that are currently shaping the way these young individuals will view and interact with the world. Ultimately, they will be the ones who shape our future, so it’s essential that we uplift them in any way we can. This program will offer students not only words of hope, but a feeling of community. Knowing that they are not alone in their struggles and that their community is rooting for them will set these kids up for success this semester and beyond.

You can find out more about the Society of Royals and its programs on their website.

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