June Archer Inspires Others As Life Coach and Motivational Teacher


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Life Coach Uses Perspective to Help Change the Path of His Life

ENSPIRE Contributor: Katie Doherty 

Do you want to have a better quality of life or a life coach? Are you looking for personal development or growth? Do you need guidance and help with accountability in areas of your life? Meet June Archer. He is a motivational speaker and author who helps people find the right path in life. If you’re looking for answers to those questions, then no one is better suited for the job. Archer’s goal is to provide services to help people to find the courage to change their lives.

It wasn’t always this way. Archer originally started out in the music industry and made his way up from winning school singing competitions to winning contests at the Apollo Theatre in New York. Since then, he has changed paths to writing books, becoming a motivational speaker, and life coach. 

Courtesy of June Archer

If you’re looking for help in some areas of your life, don’t worry. June Archer helps you sort through the complexities and challenges by tailoring sessions to your specific needs. Archer aims to provide guidance, support, information, and skill-building to help you achieve your goals. 

As opposed to psychotherapy or counseling, coaching does not involve a diagnosis or specific treatment. Coaching can be more direct than such treatment, since specific areas can be addressed directly, such as finances, relationships, lifestyle, health, and spirituality. It’s a powerful tool in setting and achieving short- and long-term goals in all areas of your life. 

Courtesy of June Archer

While he still works in the music and television industry, Archer says “I took the opportunity to reinvent myself in 2010 to accomplish the task of inspiring and motivating as many people as I could to think glass half-full, instead of glass half-empty.” From that, he ended up writing his first book. Archer says that after writing, “Yes! Every Day Can Be A Good Day,” it “gave me the opportunity to go out and tour with Eric Thomas ‘The Hip-Hop Preacher,’ Trent Shelton, and a few others.”

Archer believes that changing your perspective and “living good with people” is the key to living a fulfilling life because the universe will take care of the rest. Beyond that, he has learned a lot from becoming a life coach and motivational speaker. For Archer, the most important thing he has learned is that he has to be as “transparent as you ‌can to share your journey so that others can navigate their journey hopefully better.” Along the way, he has also learned and realized that “you have to meet people where they are and sometimes you have to leave people where they are. Everybody can’t come with you to the next level.”

Courtesy of June Archer

Archer believes self-love is the most important skill a person can learn, especially when you’re feeling stuck in life. Archer advises “The first thing someone who is looking to level up is to love yourself first. If that means changing the people around you, do it. If it means changing your surroundings, do it. Anything that is blocking your blessings should be let go of if you want to level up. It is difficult, but it is necessary.” 

Reflecting on his journey from the music industry to now, he realizes how far he has come. Archer believes his old self wouldn’t even believe where he is now. Everything he has gone through brought him to where he needs to be. Through those challenging times, he has learned that he was “built for this and prepared for greatness.” 

Courtesy of June Archer

Archer provides personal life coaching, online and e-therapy, supportive counseling, and counseling for parents. With a three-year-long pandemic, life is even messier. If you find yourself having racing thoughts, need extra support during a difficult time, or are feeling stuck and want a better life, then getting help from people like June Archer could be beneficial. 

For Archer, changing perspectives is key to changing our lives. Two books later, Archer (a former major record label executive, owner of a marketing company, and motivational teacher) continues to inspire others to succeed no matter what the odds. When doors closed for Archer, it simply meant others opened. He just needed the perspective to see it. 

Courtesy of June Archer

If you’re interested in learning more about June Archer, check out his website, Instagram, and Twitter.    

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