Jarred Carter Finds New Entrepreneur Opportunities Through Elegant Drinks  


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ENSPIRE Contributor: Katie Doherty 

Jarred Carter is an innovator, visionary, and entrepreneur with a knack for spotting trends and influences. He recognized the impact of responsible partying with class and elegance and is now making waves throughout Atlanta and Tampa Bay with his new beverage. He is the founder of The Red Lady rum punch, which is a spirit combining Caribbean rum, island fruits, and berries.  

Carter’s idea came to him in 2008, when he recognized that his drink was more than a libation, but a movement. Thanks to the trend of “party-throwing,” Carter recognized the importance of having an elegant and classy drink while socializing with friends.  

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The Red Lady was born. Throughout the years and after several batches, Carter realized that the best way to achieve smoothness and the great taste was through rum, rather than vodka. His punch has opened more opportunities for him as an entrepreneur and has allowed him to host events throughout Georgia and Florida. 

Since founding The Red Lady, Carter has learned the key to success within the business. For Carter, he has learned that the “steps to creating any business are simple to say and see but often complicated to execute because of different reasons. In the liquor industry, especially now, supplies and people’s time are not readily available like they used to be.” The pandemic has certainly brought about a change in a variety of industries, but Carter has succeeded in creating a name for himself despite all that has happened. 

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There have been several challenges since starting The Red Lady, such as “discovering your true niche market and where your drink should be placed.” For Carter, learning the trends behind the alcohol industry was essential to know how to promote The Red Lady and how to market well. But it wasn’t just learning the ins and outs of the industry that was hard for Carter. Challenges presented themselves in many ways, such as people not believing he was the owner, having a sales team working on his behalf, and a large amount of working capital. 

While there were challenges along the way, incredible opportunities have emerged. Because of founding The Red Lady, Carter found that his “ability to be included at many events simply because I am the brand owner” has skyrocketed. This is thanks to the “folks who are excited to have a drink at their function.” Not only has he been able to attend many events, but he has also gone to exclusive parties and festivals like the Miami Carnival and the Tampa Bay Carnival. 

Courtesy of Jarred Carter

Carter has visions for himself and for the Red Lady. He aspires to be one of the successful CEO’s of the top beverages in the United States. But in his personal life, he hopes to have a wife and family within the next few years, all while maintaining a bevy of ventures. He hopes to make The Red Lady present in all major markets and will “be a premier ready to drink beverage and synonymous whenever you hear the term “rum punch” wherever you go.” 

There are several upcoming projects that Carter is excited about with The Red Lady and other ventures he’s interested in. First, he is in the “middle of a complete rebrand concerning the bottle and overall visibility” while also experimenting with other flavors and variations. He hopes to soon obtain certification in other states and get into merchandising with a joint venture clothing line. Carter’s not afraid to keep experimenting and try out new things which is what makes him an inspiring entrepreneur. 

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Carter has advice for all young entrepreneurs hoping to put their mark on the world. To start, you need to “really study and think about what you truly want, it’s never too early.” He also believes in “maximizing your time alone and using some towards self-reflection and realizing who you are.” To Carter, it’s important to always seek the people you trust and form meaningful connections because those are the people who are going to help you succeed. The most important thing is to “go for it” and to “know the risks and be mindful of the reward.” 

Carter is ready to embark on expanding his entrepreneur brand while providing the opportunity to sip with elegance. Looking for a way to enjoy a party with a classy drink? The Red Lady rum punch is here and ready for the world to enjoy. 

Courtesy of Jarred Carter

Interested in learning more about Carter’s drink ventures? Check out his website here!

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