Smart Ways To Improve a College Campus for Students

Smart Ways To Improve a College Campus for Students

( ENSPIRE Lifestyle ) How you can boost the college student’s experience on campus

The average college student spends approximately $35,000 on college tuition each year, plus additional expenses outside of the classroom. So when they attend, they want to ensure they’ll be valued—not to mention have fun on campus!

Being a college student can be challenging at times, but what ultimately creates their experience is the university they go to and how much it focuses on its students. Here are some smart ways to improve a college campus for students.

Modernize Bookstore Experience

Gone are the days when the college bookstore only contains books! Many universities have added more materials on their shelves like college apparel, supplies, and, most importantly, snacks.

You might also consider bringing your bookstore to the digital world so that students can browse the merchandise online in the comfort of their dorms. This can help optimize a student’s schedule.

For example, if a student needs to head to class in an hour, they might buy their book online, pick it up on their way to class, and start the course on a good note!

Increase Student Engagement

One thing that separates a good college from a great one is student engagement. Of course, students need quality education, but they also want to have a well-rounded experience.

Ask your students what clubs or activities they’d like to see on campus—collect their suggestions and try creating something new for them to encounter. Encourage them to get to know their fellow colleagues! College is where people really start to discover themselves through new classes, activities, and friendships.

Upgrade Exterior Features

Take a walk around the campus and take note of what you see. Do buildings look clean and inviting? Is the landscaping well kept? Are there safety features like an emergency call box evenly spread throughout campus?

For example, you might add a university flagpole to instill school pride—just be sure to choose the right type of flagpole rope! You could also build a Zen garden for students to achieve moments of peace between heavy workloads.

The way that you feel as you walk around is potentially what a student feels on campus. Try upgrading various features on campus grounds to boost the student experience.

These smart ways to improve a college campus for students can help you understand what most students look for in their universities.