Dr. Karen’s New ENSPIRE Advice Column


( ENSPIRE Lifestyle ) Dr. Karen January Joins the ENSPIRE Community by Offering Advice to Our Readers

ENSPIRE Contributor: Natalie Dean

ENSPIRE is excited to introduce Dr. Karen January’s advice column to our readers! She has recently taken her years of experience as a counselor and advice columnist and turned her expertise into a book titled, “Lessons Mama Never Taught Me.” She tackles a broad range of topics from bullying to racism, drug abuse to teen pregnancy, dating to mental illness, and much, much more! Reviewers have called it “eye-opening,” “insightful,” and “informative.”

Dr. Karen especially offers advice to women and girls, but her expertise and skills are invaluable to men as well. Her book and previous writings cover topics that apply to anyone, regardless of barriers such as race or gender. No matter the subject, she approaches each question with empathy and warmth.

Photo: Dr. Karen January

Dr. Karen will write an advice column to be published every month. She will respond to questions sent in by our ENSPIRE community online and special features in print/digital issues. 

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