LaMonique Cosmetics Makes Affordable and Inclusive Skincare Products


( ENSPIRE Feature) LaMonique Cosmetics Uses Platform To Support Social Justice Foundations 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Katie Doherty 

Monique Glover, founder and CEO of LaMonique Cosmetics is focused on creating healthier cosmetics and personal care products for everyone. Her company is 100% women and Black-owned certified. This inclusive brand is dedicated to all women and all lovers of cosmetics. Her retail businesses operate entirely online and through social media, such as her website and Facebook pages. 

This affordable, inclusive, and health-conscious brand comprises mineral-based products and lipsticks that are infused with lavender aromatherapy. None of her products contain parabens, talc, or silica, which have been proven to cause problems for your skin. They are free from harmful ingredients, toxic chemicals, and animal testing, making them affordable, safe, and inclusive to everyone. 

Courtesy of Monique Glover

Her journey started like most of us, she too had issues with eczema and sensitive skin: “I’ve always been cautious about which products I use. The more I learned about harmful chemicals and toxins used in personal care products and cosmetics I knew everyone should have access to non-toxic sustainable products which is why I choose to keep my products at an affordable price.”

She has been met with several obstacles that come with being an entrepreneur. For Glover, she says “Two of the most difficult for me were obtaining funding and finding good marketing strategies. In order to overcome them, I started applying for business grants as opposed to traditional business loans since they require large monthly revenues that most startups do have. As far as marketing I was blessed to receive a scholarship from Meta which allowed me to become a certified digital marketing associate manager. They also provided me with an ads expert until I was efficient enough to create dynamic ads on my own.”

Courtesy of Monique Glover

She also had to learn how to be flexible when her sales from pop-up events were impacted by the pandemic. She says, “Pre- pandemic most of my sales were at events or pop-up shop venues. Most were closed or canceled due to the pandemic. I had to switch from direct sales to online e-commerce. I no longer had the privilege of being someplace where the customers came to me. I had to bring in the customers which can be quite challenging without the proper digital marketing skills.”  

She was selected as a featured vendor for Facebook’s #BuyBlack Friday, an online shopping guide and event that helped support Black-owned small businesses, which were disproportionately impacted by the pandemic.

Courtesy of Monique Glover

Not only is she dedicated to promoting cruelty-free and safe products for everyone, but she is also a social justice advocate that uses her business platform ‌to raise awareness about domestic violence and advocate for support programs. 

Donating time and resources to important causes has always been a passion of hers. She says “I’ve always been passionate about donating time and resources for a great cause. In 2019 I flew down to Atlanta to take part in a celebrity bowl-a-thon Sickle Cell fundraiser. That is where I meet a few members of The Descendants of The Truth Foundation. A few months later I was in the process of having my eyeshadows lab tested but I didn’t have a package design. When I came up to dedicate the palette to a historical figure, I reached out to them. It took almost a year before it was agreed upon and the contract was signed. It was a blessing to ‌bring light to a great historical woman like Sojourner Truth and also a sixth generational granddaughter of hers C’Aira Leisher. She is a makeup artist based in Michigan. She is the face of the So Tru Eyeshadow Palette campaign ad.”

Courtesy of Monique Glover

Glover has been a part of many different events, and each one has come with its own accomplishments. Looking back on her journey, Glover has many different moments she has been proud of. She says, “Being recognized by Meta and receiving an invitation to join their leader’s network has been really amazing. The leaders’ network is a community of diverse business owners. The network was created to amplify small business success and help to build better businesses. My products were also featured on the Facebook holiday gift guides page with a select few other businesses this past holiday season. The recognition and support have been absolutely wonderful.”

Glover still has goals for LaMonique Cosmetics and more exciting products to look out for. She says “I’m very much interested in learning how to scale my business for mass retail distribution. Although my products are currently sold in three retail locations, I would like to partner with a large chain retailer.” She has worked hard to come close to achieving this because she has “recently been accepted to the NASDAQ entrepreneurial milestone program in which I plan to use to help guide me through this process with mentorship.” 

Courtesy of Monique Glover

Glover shows us that using your platform can make a difference. It’s a great way to advocate for and educate people on the issues you are passionate about and want to help make a difference. From the 2020 Oscars’ Gifting Suite in Hollywood, 2020 Miss New York / USA Pageant, the Emmy 2021 Awards Gifting, to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation Soiree and The Annual Sickle Cell Celebrity Bowl-A-Thon Fundraiser, LaMonique Cosmetics has been part of it all. 

Are you looking to upgrade your cosmetics but at an affordable price? Glover can help you do even better. Not only are you buying luxury products, but you’re also making sure ‌these products are safe for your skin and cruelty-free. Be sure to be on the lookout for her new products such as “mineral-based powder foundation which contains natural antimicrobials that helps to ease breakouts on problematic skin” which will be available early this summer! 

Courtesy of Monique Glover

Interested in checking out her products? Check out her website or Facebook!

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