12-Year-Old Simeon Hudson Writes Book to Stop Bullying


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Simeon Hudson Takes a Stand Against Bullying Through the Creation of His Book Harry and His Big Nose

ENSPIRE Contributor: Maya Lanzone

Simeon Hudson is only 12, but has a strong sense of what is right and wrong. At his middle school in Tyler, Texas, he saw kids in his class bullying a classmate. Simeon immediately informed the teacher and put a stop to the bullying. This experience led him to create a book to inspire other kids that are being bullied. 

Simeon’s book, Harry and His Big Nose, features a made-up character named Harry that is bullied for his physical appearance. The book tells a story of self-confidence and acceptance. 

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Simeon explained why he created the book, saying, “I wrote the book to help kids who are being teased. In the book, Harry is a kid who gets teased by the other kids because he has a big nose. He goes home and his mother tells him that he is unique because God created him to be who he is, the way he is, and that makes it perfect. When Harry goes back to school, the kids try to tease him, but it doesn’t bother him anymore. What I hope is that kids who read my book will learn that they are unique and perfect.”

The book is a product of Simeon’s creation – he illustrated the images and came up with the story and title himself. He had a little help from his mother, Candace, who has written three books of poetry in the past. She helped with the book’s grammar and structure. 

When asked about Harry and His Big Nose, she said, “My initial reaction was shock when Simeon said he wanted to write a book. I helped with some grammar, but it is Simeon’s story. When we started, I didn’t realize how serious Simeon was about actually writing a book. But when we finished it, he wanted to try to get it published. We contacted Covenant Books, a Christian publishing company, and they accepted it. At first, they talked about getting an illustrator involved, but when they saw the drawings Simeon made, they decided they were perfect for this book.” 

Photo by Raquel Torres

Simeon plans to create another book about Harry, but this time about personal hygiene. He says, “I’m thinking maybe a whole series of books about Harry that can help inspire kids about things they face every day.” But his plans for writing don’t stop there. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up, Simeon answered, “I think I want to be a writer or storyteller.” 

Besides his book, Simeon inspires others through his involvement in the community. At his local church, Bethel Hope Bible Church, he helps the younger children in the Sunday School and volunteers with the youth ministry. Simeon also takes part monthly in the Bethel Food Drive and East Texas Food Bank. 

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Despite his young age, Simeon and his book are an inspiration to children and adults alike. His actions as a classmate, author, and figure in his community are commendable and heartwarming. 

You can find Harry and His Big Nose online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart. Or, see the book on display at the Texas African American Museum in Tyler. 

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