Deneen Joyner Speaks on Soul Healing


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Deneen Joyner, a Highly Gifted Spiritual Healer, Speaks on Soul Healing and Her Own Struggles

ENSPIRE Contributor: Maya Lanzone

Deneen Joyner is a highly gifted healer. As a 7th generation Shaman, her Native American and West African heritage endow her with spiritual abilities that allow her to connect her clients with their ancestors and to guide their soul journey. She also does work as a soul medium, empath, spiritual channel, and clairvoyant. 

Although Joyner presently lives a life of enlightenment, her story has not always been so optimistic. Her past is one full of trauma, leaving her with 40 years’ worth of emotional pain. She has endured abandonment, abuse, neglect, bullying, assault, homelessness, and a suicide attempt at her rock bottom. Joyner’s experiences have made her into the renowned healer that she is today, allowing her to guide others through their suffering. 

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Joyner spoke with ENSPIRE about her personal experiences and talents: 

When did you discover your natural gifts? 

Since the age of five, I knew I was gifted. God had been preparing me as a shaman for my entire life–some 50 years. I have always been very close to God and able to see angels, hear the holy spirit, and other divine energies who I looked to for comfort; they were/are my true family.

I never thought as a child–I had the wisdom of a wise old soul that I now know is the spirit of my great-great-grandmother, Lucinda. I was very inquisitive, always searching for answers and challenging people (mostly adults) who tried to give me short answers to big questions.

Although many other gifts surfaced, the more I matured, the gift that was more heightened than the others was my ability to consistently sense others’ emotional pain and feel what was heavy on one’s heart. This deemed me “a crybaby” because I was often crying for what appeared to be no reason at all. Unknowingly, being an empath often made me feel alone and misunderstood because I could never explain what I was experiencing.

Why is it important to you to use your talents to help others? 

I had to share my gifts because it is my life’s calling, divine assignment, and the only reason I am here. I know what it feels like to have something painfully traumatic to take your breath away and still must find a way to breathe when everything is numb inside and you’ve already given up hope in believing your life will never be good. We have the tendency to believe the totality of the pain we have experienced in our life is the evidence of who we are and what we deserve. We often cannot reason that most of our ways of seeing our life have been through the lens of our parents, who themselves had painful and traumatic experiences.

Hitting rock bottom emotionally allowed me to see what my clients from my social work days felt. I didn’t want anyone else to have to go through it alone or have to figure out what to do to heal on their own when I have already done it.

Like most people, I viewed my family’s emotional history regarding pain and trauma as unimportant. I failed to see how my wounds and gifts connected back to where I came from and who my ancestors were. Because I now fully understand how all this impacts how we show up in our lives, it is crucial that others know it too!

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How were you able to overcome your rock bottom and what motivated you during this time? 

I left my life of trauma not by my ‌design but by God’s. I had been ignoring all the signs, despite sensing and knowing that my life was closing in on me. Although I was secretly miserable, I thought ‌I could continue to numb all the emotional pain and trauma I had been carrying for over 40 years of my life. 

Truth be told, we are on a limited emotional timer for not addressing our pain. We can take life into our own hands and choose to get our life together or keep pretending that everything is good. The latter is what I did, and I have to say it wasn’t pretty! When God intervenes, you hit rock bottom emotionally and are faced with evaluating everything in your life — including all the things you had been trying to avoid and live around. When I recounted all the places I had been in my life, the one common denominator was ME! I knew it was time to finally do the work.

I had successfully helped countless clients in my career as a social worker of 18 years and was living a life that was unbecoming of what I knew deep down inside I was created for. But with God’s mercy and guidance, and later with the channeled wisdom of my ancestors, I started a sacred journey to heal my life’s pain and trauma.

My journey to victory began when: 1) I learned to become curious about my life’s pain and trauma, along with the emotional DNA within my family. 2) I became a student of my life and opened myself up to consciously learning about all things Deneen, by approaching my life as if I was taking a college course. 3) I became my own best friend and spiritual counsel.

Can you tell me more about your heritage and how that plays a role in your gifts? 

I was born into a family of highly gifted people. Many in my lineage were chiefs, seers, prophets, shamans, and medicine women. My heritage is Native American and Nigerian, and I identify as a Black Indigenous woman. They both are very traditional spiritually when it comes to approaching healing and the practices that are used to bring peace and empowerment to those who want to restore their souls from pain. They revered God, The Great Spirit, and honored emotional pain as something that was divinely sent to prepare them for their Holy Assignments – the true reason they were born.

I am a seventh-generation shaman and heiress to these ancient soul healing practices. I bring the same reverence for God and natural healing to the 21st century. My God-given gifts allow me to connect to the pain inside my client’s soul prior to ever meeting them as well as during my work with them. Doing so provides me with a very comprehensive understanding of their painful journey and how I can successfully guide, support, and empower them to expedited healing and lifelong transformation.

Can you tell me more about your book, Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations?

My book Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations: A Warrior Daughter’s Awakening to Pain and Destiny examines the inherited DNA surrounding emotional pain and provides a blueprint for uncovering the lessons that are sent into our lives for the purpose of healing, evolution, and mastering pain. It also delves into the role our ancestors and family play in allowing us to know ourselves through our generational curses and soul wounds, including how our divine assignments are intrinsically tied to yet-unfulfilled soul contracts that can span several lifetimes.

The book begs the question: Why have we settled for living with emotional pain? How did we learn to respond to it? Why must we hit rock bottom for God to gain our attention? I offer my intimate story of struggle and redemption, providing answers for how each of us can see ourselves for truly who we are: more divine than human. The book gives us permission to break our own hearts and be wrong about all the ugly things we’ve ever thought about ourselves. Ultimately, it offers the hope of embracing the possibility that we are so much more than our pain.

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What kinds of things do you help clients with/ what services do you offer? 

As a spiritual coach and teacher, I work with women who have experienced a significant amount of emotional pain and trauma and who are also highly gifted and desire non-traditional healing. Clients are introduced to holistic self-guided soul healing practices that are grounded in my Indigenous ancestors’ ancient healing laws. I use my many gifts to connect to their pain and trauma to offer specific guidance and expedited healing by way of soul readings, spiritual courses, group coaching, individual coaching, and live teachings.

My soul guidance provides a proven spiritual vehicle for others to explore their own individual experiences along with uncovering their family’s spiritual inheritance tied to both spiritual gifts and traumatic karma patterns that have been passed on and replicated unknowingly from generation to generation. It also inspires having a new relationship with themselves and others. They also establish a new emotional framework that aligns with healthy ways of responding to emotional pain versus reacting from an unconscious place of pain from their childhood. Client experiences immediate transformation, and it continues once our time together ends.

What message do you want to give to readers? 

There are many ways one can approach healing pain and trauma. Most people use traditional therapy. I believe that if you have been in therapy for several years and still feel miserable, then you should consider a natural option – that of soul healing.

Fear and ignorance surrounding believing in spiritual gifts play a part in the struggle in keeping you a hostage to the pain. Before therapy or counseling, there was a deeper, more authentic approach to healing. One that partnered with God, angels, spirit guides, and the ancestors to restore hope, peace, and personal power, using the gifts of the earth.

I want people to know having gifts is not bad or of the devil, as some people may believe. Read the Bible and you will be introduced to the gifts of God and those he empowered to use them. Just like anything else, gifts can be exploited and used for negative and unhealthy purposes. However, most people who are open and accepting of their God-given gifts are using them for the intended purposes: to spiritually align and develop themselves and to guide, help, and be of service to others.

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Conclusion: In addition to her work as a shaman, Joyner is a national speaker and spiritual teacher as well as the author of Soul Wounds & Sacred Revelations. Her story is one of true resilience, highlighting how difficult times can be overcome in light of staying true to your roots. To learn more about Joyner, check out her website. Her book is available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.   

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