Fighting Depression After Discovering a Brain Tumor, Tye Coe Turned Her Trauma Into a Thriving Business


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Tye Coe Co-Founded Royal Legacy Wellness, Which Focuses on Inspiration, Personal Development, and Holistic Wellness Products

ENSPIRE Contributor: Kyla Yates

Empowerment Speaker, Entrepreneur and Remote Operations Business Consultant Tye Coe survived a life-threatening car accident in 2018. Following the accident, doctors discovered a benign brain tumor that required surgery. Her intense recovery period was marked by deep depression and a journey of personal discovery, that led to the exploration of holistic healing practices. She had to re-learn how to truly care for herself and evaluate her purpose in life. Tye reclaimed power over her own healing by discovering that holistic healing must come from the inside out, and now helps others dig deep to uncover their power to choose a life of intrinsic health and financial freedom.

Tye has transformed into an extraordinary talent that inspires those around her. She helps her clients to dream big and assists them in getting results. Paying her 15-year tenure in the fashion, beauty and hospitality industries forward, Tye also founded an elite mentorship program, that provides a pathway to a thriving career for aspiring artists in the fashion, entertainment and beauty industries.

Additionally, through this traumatic, life-altering experience, Tye also co-founded her newest venture, Royal Legacy Wellness, in January 2020. Royal Legacy Wellness is focused on being the go-to source for inspirational stories, personal development content and holistic wellness products. Powered by revenue-generating business opportunities for partners committed to taking charge over their financial future, the Royal Legacy Wellness community is built on the foundational values of integrity, overall well being, multi-generational wealth and freedom. Royal Legacy Wellness is armed with a team of phenomenal women of color determined to change our world for the better. 

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